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There was an interesting article published by ‘The Weston Mercury’ today about some of the stranger things people have reported to the Avon & Somerset Constabulary over the past few years. Things like:

Aliens – including UFOs, lights in the sky and little green men – prompted the most calls, with 32 such reports.

One caller claimed to have been abducted by aliens, one reported ‘aliens across the road’, and another said they had seen an alien ‘trying to breathe everyone in’.

Lights in the sky were said to have slowly circled one caller’s town, while another person said they had seen 23 UFOs fly in formation down the Bristol Channel.

Big cats were another common cause, accounting for 31 calls. The creatures are described by various callers as pumas, panthers, leopards, and even a lion.

One caller told startled 999 operators they had seen ‘a large black cat the size of a donkey pass the house’, while others reported seeing a leopard sunbathing on top of a bridge and a panther killing deer.

And ghosts and mischievous spirits were spotted by plenty of 999 callers too.

One person said a ghost was ‘chasing’ them, another casually claimed to have seen a ghost ‘the other day’, and one said a poltergeist had ‘moved things around and deleted files from the laptop’.

I thought it was rather interesting to have such figures released. It was, however, something in the comments section that caught my attention. Someone by the name of T-bone commented:

I’m not sure this sort of thing should be made public…it might encourage some other childish person to copy them.

It isn’t childish of somebody to not be able to explain something they’ve witnessed. It also isn’t childish for them to phone the local police force if they are genuinely concerned or scared by what they have witnessed.

To be perfectly honest, if I saw what I thought was a puma or leopard I too would phone the police!

I have only been investigating paranormal claims and reports for a short time, but in that time I have met people who are truly puzzled, and sometimes petrified by what they’ve witnessed. Quite often, eye witnesses are embarrassed because they think they’re stupid or weird. Not everyone who witnesses a ‘ghost’ or a ‘UFO’ believes them to be possible. Quite often they’re stumped for an answer and they know that other people would say it was a ghost or a UFO.

If we dismiss them as childish or stupid or weird because they can’t work something out, it would be cruel. Sometimes all people need is someone to believe that they’ve had such a strange experience – leaving all possible causes to one side – telling someone you understand that they’ve genuinely been confused or spooked by something can help them a lot.

If you can then include them in the process of trying to determine what it was that caused what they witnessed, it can help them learn new facts and understand similar experiences in the future.

So many people think they are stupid for being scared of something spooky that happened. That isn’t the case at all.


“How much do you get paid to be so negative?”

The question threw me and I opened my mouth in shock and watched as Trystan continued to smile at the barrage of negative comments and questions that came his way.

He’d made the mistake of giving a skeptical talk called ‘Disinformation within UFOlogy’ to an audience of mainly believers, now he was paying the price as his motives, education and profession were called into question. Called into question by people who are so clever that they see no issue with making leaps of logic, but in fact, recommend it.

It was a talk run by ‘Weird Events’ who organise the ‘Weird’ conferences that take place in Wiltshire, and was part of a series of lectures about a range of paranormal topics. I can remember the evening quite clearly because there had been am amateur film crew in the room for the talk, and I also remember how the audience turned against Trystan in the Q&A. I’ve never seen an audience react so negatively to someone who dared to have an opposing point of view.

If you are skeptical like I am, you will be made rather angry by the things people say to Trystan in this video simply because he dares to suggest in his talk that the things they believe are true aren’t true. What you wont see in this video is me jumping in at one point to defend Trystan’s stance with a very angry look on my face.

The video is heavily edited and the things said in it are cherry picked to make it sound like Trystan, and others, are saying things they aren’t. All in all it’s a rather amateur video and I’m a little bit furious that the film crew (who you can see my standing behind briefly) were texting one another nasty things about the speaker. Really unprofessional and childish.

This is a good demonstration of how closed-minded people truly are when they consider themselves to be open-minded because they believe in mystical, spiritual things. Believing in magical things doesn’t instantly make someone open minded.

This also demonstrates perfectly the lesson I learnt in 2007 when I first started to become skeptical and people attacked me for it – when people resort to ad hom attacks it’s because they’ve got no better argument to support their point of view.

Watch from 22:39 to see the bit with Trystan. Watch the rest to see illogical reasoning from the guy presenting the video – illogical, illogical, illogical…

Oh, and FYI, I do like Trystan even if the film crew people don’t… because he talks sense.

Hayley is a ghost

Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

She describes herself as 'a ghost hunter who doesn't hunt for ghosts' and this is her personal blog where she writes about ghosts, people, and other interesting things. Read more here.

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