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Ghost research

This resource in currently in process. Please check back. Feel free to submit link/article/paper suggestions via the contact page.

My ‘basic ghost guides’:

Electronic Voice Phenomena
A look at the reality of recording the voices of the dead

EMF & Ghosts
Are EMF meters useful?

Ghost Laser Grids
Useful device, or just another fad?

A guide to Ghost Science
How to introduce science to your investigations

Orb Phenomena
A simply guide to orbs in photographs

The Ghostbox
A look at the reality of these devices

How Greaseproof paper will fool a ghost
a critical look at table tipping & glass divination

Essential & recommended reading:

Magnetic fields, hallucinations & anomalous experiences: a sceptical critique of the current evidence
A comprehensive review of the literature on magnetic fields and anomalous haunt-type experiences by Dr Jason Braithwaite

‘Paranormal activity or psychotic symptoms?’

The waking nightmare of Sleep Paralysis
An article by Prof Chris French

The Hallucinations of Widowhood
[PDF] W. Dewi Ree in the British Medical Journal 1971

An investigation into alleged ‘hauntings’
Richard Wiseman, Caroline Watt, Paul Stevens, Emma Greening and Ciaran O’Keeffe

Sleeping with the entity; A quantitive magnetic investigation of an English Castles reputedly haunted castle Part 1
Sleeping with the entity; a quantitive magnetic investigation of an English Castles reputedly haunted castle Part 2
Jason Braitwaite & Maurice Townsend

Richard Wiseman: Belief in the Paranormal
A selection of references on Wiseman’s website

APRU lectures
Listen/watch online

The Orb Zone
Are Orbs Paranormal?

Belief in ghosts in post-war England
Paul Cowdell, 2011

On Hoaxing the Hoaxers – Token Skeptic podcast
An interview with Dr Karen Stollznow, Matthew Baxter & Bryan Bonner


5 Responses to "Ghost research"

I’d really like to know more about the BARS. Genuine interest.

You can find out more at http://www.barsoc.org or if you have any questions feel free to post them here or on our website. Or you can use the ‘contact us’ function on the BARsoc website 🙂

Hi, I enjoyed your talk in Liverpool (16th Dec.) You mentioned a couple of times that you had ‘seen weird stuff’. Was this weirdness stuff that you’ve been unable to explain? Is it detailed anywhere on your blog/website I’d love to read about it.
I’ve always believed that people do see ‘ghosts’ but that there are rational explanations for whatever it is that they are seeing or experiencing. I know that infrasound from a variety of sources or electromagnetic fields produced from something like electricity pylons can affect a person’s perceptions enough for them to experience some aspects of ghostly phenomena. I’m also open to the possibility that current scientific method cannot supply all the answers yet.
If you are interested in pretty way out theories I recently read a book called ‘Daimonic Reality: a field guide to the otherworld’ by Patrick Harpur which attempts to offer an explanation of a wide range paranormal phenomena using Jungian psychology as a basis for the explanation. Maybe you’ve already read it?
I’ll stop rambling now, thanks for coming all the way to Liverpool, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope the noise in the pub didn’t spoil it too much?

Sean- I would also like Haley to be a bit more specific. I have heard tales that are hard to explain (such as the blogger Diglotting, who claimed that he and his entire family saw a paranormal entity on multiple occasions during his review of the end of christianity).

I am also interested in the possibility of group visions- however- I believe that most cases just come from mass hysteria altering the case, so that once witness all of a sudeen becomes multiple witness’, etc)

you would like me to be a bit more specific about what?

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Hayley is a ghost

Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

She describes herself as 'a ghost hunter who doesn't hunt for ghosts' and this is her personal blog where she writes about ghosts, people, and other interesting things. Read more here.

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