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Future talks & events

January 14th ’12 – Conway Hall, London
Beyond the veil: a closer look at spirits, mediums & ghosts
A ‘Centre For Inquiry UK’ event

I will be speaking alongside Prof Chris French, Ian Rowland, Prof Richard Wiseman and Paul Zenon. My talk is entitled ‘Is there anybody there?’  will give insight into the modern world of ghost hunting where a scientific approach is more likely to be an updated version of seance parlour antics – from the evolution of table tipping, to the revolution of the Ghost busting Smart phone apps.

For tickets, event info and details about the other speakers click here.

Come & Gone…

Here are some of my past contributions & appearances.


The Comittee for Skeptical Inquiry featured an interview with me
called ‘From Ghost-believing to Ghost Busting with Project Barnum’. You can read it here.

Token Skeptic Podcast I spoke to Kylie Sturgess about Project Barnum, being a paranormal researcher, dealing with people who hold opposing beliefs and other things. I have a lot of respect for Kylie and it was great to chat to her. Listen here. 

Monster Talk Podcast I spoke to Ben, Karen and Blake for The Monster Talk Podcast about my research into the Bownessie Lake Monster. I was a little bit excited to be interviewed by people whose podcast and work I ADORE! Listen here. 

Gazette & Herald I was interviewed by The Gazette & Herald regarding WPR recruiting paranormal researchers. Read it here. This was also featured on the front page of the Wiltshire Star free newspaper.

Wiltshire Times I was interviewed by a Wiltshire Times reporter regarding WPR recruiting paranormal researchers. Read it here.

BBC Wiltshire During a recruitment drive by the paranormal research team I help to run the BBC got in touch and did this interview with me. Read it here. I was also interviewed live on BBC Wiltshire breakfast show but this isn’t available online.

Super woo fighting duo (with capes) podcast I was interviewed by this podcast about recruiting paranormal researchers. Have a listen here.

Skeptical viewer podcast I was invited onto the skeptical viewer podcast to discuss ghosts, paranormal television and my research. I really love this podcast. Listen here.

Just Skeptics podcast I was invited to be the guest host on this podcast that is produced by the Greater Manchester skeptics society. Listen here.

UK Skeptics newsletter I  was interviewed by the lovely Dr Wendy Cousins for the UK Skeptics newletter. Read it here.

ASSAP spring newsletter I answered a series of questions for the Spring ’10 edition of the newsletter.

Free thinking for dummies podcast I was invited onto the first ever ‘Free thinking for dummies’ podcast by Jay. Listen here.

White noise paranormal radio Jason & Kelly interviewed me live about my skeptical approach to paranormal research. This was really fun. Listen here.

Conspiracy skeptic podcast I spoke to the conspiracy skeptic about the Princess Diana conspiracies. Listen here.

Ghost voices magazine

Read page one here

Read page two here

Read page three here

Soulseekers paranormal radio In this interview I upset some of the listeners with my comments about mediums. Listen here!

Public talking

Westminster Skeptics in the Pub – 31st October 2011 – Halloween special!

I spoke at the Westminster Skeptics Annual Halloween party about the strange world of paranormal research. It was quite interesting and I was called ‘the skeptics sceptic’ by David Allen Green, which was nice 😉

Bristol Skeptics in the Pub – 27th October 2011

I delivered my ‘Why aren’t ghosts naked?’ talk to this group, it was great to revisit the city to deliver a talk for this group again.

Edinburgh Skeptics in the Pub – 20th October 2011

I will be delivering my ‘Why aren’t ghosts naked?’ talk to the Edinburgh skeptics in the pub group while on a trip to the city.

Cork Skeptics in the Castle – 21st October 2011

While in Edinburgh I skyped in as one of a number of speakers for Cork Skeptics on a talk on ghost, ghouls and other weird things.

Denkfest, Switzerland – September 8th – 11th

I spoke as part of a panel on science blogging at Denkfest in Zurich, Switzerland. I got to stay for the rest of the four day event and enjoyed it so very much. I made a lot of new friends, learned lots of new things, and fell in love with Zurich. Well done to Andreas Kyriacou and those who made it happen!

Cardiff Skeptics in the pub – March 2011

I delivered my ‘Why aren’t ghosts naked?’ talk for the Cardiff Skeptics in the Pub audience. It inspired some great questions in the Q&A session.

Bath Skeptics in the Pub – February 2011

For the launch event it was decided that I would deliver my ‘Why aren’t ghosts naked?’ talk as the group had been let down by previous speakers. It was a great launch event.

Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub – February 2011

A few days after the QED conference I travelled back up North (slightly) to deliver my new talk ‘Why aren’t ghosts naked’ to over 100 skeptics in Birmingham. They were pretty damn cool.

Q.E.D Conference – February 2011

I was excited to be asked to talk at the QED conference on a panel called ‘Ghost Investigations Today’ alongside Trystan Swale and Professor Chris French. It was the most amazing conference I have ever been to.

View the awesome QED video:

Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub – January  2011

I delivered my ‘I’m a ghost hunter’ get me out of here!’ talk to the Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub group. Was a long journey but totally worth it!

Merseyside Skeptics in the Pub – December 2010

I delivered my talk “I’m a ghost hunter; get me out of here!” to the Merseryside skeptics society. They were the best crowd I’ve spoken for.

Oxford Skeptics in the Pub – November 2010

I visited Oxford to give my ‘I’m a ghost hunter; get me out of here!’ talk to the Oxford Skeptics in the Pub audience. A large audience (with lots of first timer SitP’ers) provided a lot of interesting questions. Much fun was had.

Swindon Ghost Fest October 2010

I delivered a talk called ‘Wiltshire’s Paranormal Folklore’ for the Swindon Ghost Fest at Swindon Central Library (an amazing venue!) organised by ASSAP and PSI.

Bristol Skeptics in the pub June 2010

I delivered my “I’m a ghost hunter; get me out of here!” talk to the Bristol skeptics in the pub group on June 30th. They’re a great group to talk for!

Nottingham Skeptics in the pub June 2010

I delivered my “I’m a ghost hunter; get me out of here!” talk to the Nottingham skeptics in the pub group on June 8th.

Manchester – Live podcast April 2010

As part of the Righteous Indignation team I headed to Manchester to present a live podcast panel in front of an audience of skeptics.

Weird ’09 paranormal & UFO conference August 2009

Held in Wiltshire, the first conference hosted by ‘Weird events’ saw me take to the stage with my talk entitled ‘Is there anybody there?’ to an audience of 100 – 200 people.

Book contributions/Writing

“Paranormal Wiltshire” written by David Scanlan

“Haunted Swindon” edited Nicky Sewell & Dave Wood

I have also had articles published in ‘Paranormal magazine’, the UKPN newsletter, on the badpsychics, badghosts & badhomeopathy website & Birmingham skeptics website to name a few…

I am also a regular contributor to the She Thought website.


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Hayley is a ghost

Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

She describes herself as 'a ghost hunter who doesn't hunt for ghosts' and this is her personal blog where she writes about ghosts, people, and other interesting things. Read more here.

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