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Posted on: December 30, 2011



Drama Queen.

Attention Seeker.



Poster Child for Skepticism.





These are some of the things I have been called this year. I have also often been told I am wrong, silly or stupid for writing my thoughts on various topics, and for speaking out when I think something is wrong.

To the people who have belittled me, ridiculed me, tried to silence me, have harrassed me at home and at work, and who have tried to scare me…



HaHa! Try harder!


This year:

I launched Project Barnum, I continued with The Ghost Field Guide Podcast, I launched the Vigilantes Blog, I continued to contribute to the Righteous Indignation Podcast, I spoke at QEDcon in Manchester alongside Chris and Trystan, I spoke at Skeptics in the Pub events in Newcastle, Birmingham, Bath, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Bristol and Westminster (and Cork, via Skype!), I travelled to Zurich – flying on my own for the first time ever – to speak as part of a panel about blogging at Denkfest, I helped to launch Bath Skeptics in the Pub, I was interviewed by loads of interesting people and I interviewed interesting people, I wrote numerous articles as requested – including my first article for The Skeptic magazine (which even my dad read and said ‘was good’ which is pretty awesome).

I also found a full time job after many months of unemployment and part time work, and I love the work I now do. It’s been over six months already! I finally decided to enroll on Social Sciences and Psychology courses with the Open University and I have made (and finally met) so many lovely friends both online and in person too.

At times, this year has been daunting and depressing, there have been times where I wanted to quit everything and fade away and times when my emotions got the better of me and I acted irrationally. A lot of the things I have done haven’t necessarily been flawless, but the important thing is that I tried to be the change I wanted to see – and I think I have been successful in some cases.

Change doesn’t happen with the click of your fingers – it takes time and sacrifice and frustration. It takes determination and effort. It’s not all about gaining publicity and attention as some would have you believe. It’s about holding on to your aims and moving forwards in any way that you can.

2012 is another year and who knows what it will bring. Well, I know it brings me lots of studying with the Open University in my pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Psychology (eventually), and it brings ‘Beyond the Veil: A closer look at spirits, mediums and ghosts’ on January 14th, oh, and Project Barnum and Righteous Indignation stuffs too… but apart from that, who knows what is around the corner.

I like it that way.


11 Responses to "2011"

This post is an example of why Karl loves you, and I think you are the Bee’s knees. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2012.

Looking at the insults listed above, i’d agree with one of them. At least i be proud if i had been able to have it said about me. “Poster Child for Skepticism”. To earn that says what you have demonstrated time and again, that you stand up for a rational world.

Water of the proverbial ducks back methinx….

Have a wonderful 2012 Hayley !

Good on you! And I would take “poster child for skepticism” as a compliment.

I think the ‘child’ bit was meant to be insulting, and was said in a way that suggested the only reason people liked or supported me was because of ‘the cause’.

I’ll agree – “poster child for skepticism” – that’s a bit of a compliment.

Besides, if your detractors have to resort to insults like “freak” and “oppressor” – you’re winning.

Happy new year. See you at QED.

An entirely correct response to people being obnoxious because they’ve got nothing else with which to object to you. Keep it up.

“Poster Child for Skepticism”

See, this is what I would call a compliment.

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Hayley is a ghost

Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

She describes herself as 'a ghost hunter who doesn't hunt for ghosts' and this is her personal blog where she writes about ghosts, people, and other interesting things. Read more here.

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