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Sally, we’re not going to hang you…

Posted on: September 29, 2011

Sally Morgan has mentioned on Twitter that the press coverage and reaction to the allegations that she cheated at one of her shows is akin to ‘a modern day witch hunt’.

Sally Morgan tweet captured

I personally find this comparison to be distasteful and wonder how Sally can view herself as a victim of a ‘witch hunt’ when it she who brings it upon herself by refusing to provide evidence of her alleged abilities.

That is after all, all that those of us who are skeptical of her claims are asking; we want Sally to prove that she can do what she says she can do – and personal testimonies don’t count because those people can be potentially misled by trickery (whether Sally is aware she is using it or not.)

Being asked to prove that you can do what you claim you can do is in no way similar to being persecuted for being non-religious, poor, weird or for being considered as ‘cunning women’ or ‘witches’ by local people. People were hung for their non-crimes, and based on the word of eye-witnesses whose reliability wasn’t that credible.

Those of us who doubt Sally Morgan and her claims are not the bad people unless we persecute her for her beliefs and I truly hope that nobody is doing so. Having watched Sally Morgan on television though I know that she lumps those who doubt her abilities all together as cynics and bad people who she doesn’t have to respond to. That’s a bad assumption to make because as the person making huge claims she is the very person to has to answer to her critics. Turning a blind eye to valid criticism and questions helps her make a whole other point about herself…


3 Responses to "Sally, we’re not going to hang you…"

It would be nice for her to ‘prove’ her abilities; I suspect we’ll be waiting a long time for that request to be fulfilled. And even if it was proven that she was a fraud, it wouldn’t make a shred of difference as Barnum realised in the 19th century (well, could have been Barnum… ).

Peter Popoff is the prime example; caught out, made bankrupt, reputation in shreds… now a multi-millionaire all over again doing the exact same thing.

One born every minute…

I think Project Barnum is an excellent idea and yet another example of how you and your crew actually take action beyond blogging and podcasting. I continue to admire your efforts.

As a person who lives about a third of his time in Massachusetts, I can say that Sally is not going through anything similar to the events of seventeenth century Salem. She makes claims and should have to justify them just for consumer protection if nothing else. She needn’t fear a skeptical Cotton Mather arriving in her life any time soon.

IMO Sally is correct to say that she feels as though she is the victim of a witch-hunt, look up ‘witch-craft’ in any dictionary and see its definition, it is NOT all about witchcraft. Also not all witches were hung or burned, more were imprisoned following witch-hunts, and do not forget that those condemned witches were sentenced by the skeptics of the day, skeptics have form, I can understand anyone who is targeted being very wary of skeptics.!!

Personally, I think project Barnum will ultimately backfire, just remember Popoff, richer than he ever was apparently, all this is wonderful free publicity for psychics, surely you know that you will never convince true believers, and theaters need bookings that will fill their seats. Even if ALL theaters closed their doors to alleged psychics, psychics would only find other venues, such as Spiritualist churches, church halls or maybe they will all combine and buy a purpose built venue!!

The UK administration brought in the ‘entertainment only’ clause, which at the time alarmed psychics, some who thought that they would go out of business. Well years later psychics are going strong, I would say stronger, whatever the truth of their ‘ability’.

As for proving their abilities, well in the mind of the alleged psychic they do that each time they are on stage. Yes, doubtless some are shady and dodgy cold/warm readers, some are deluded and, perhaps, some have real ability. Whatever the case or ability, alleged psychics have a right to feel threatened when skeptics/cynics press them, they have form!!

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