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King Henry VIII is like Lord Voldemort

Posted on: August 22, 2011

What do King Henry VII and Lord Voldemort have in common?

They’re both dead, yes. I could leave it there and make this the shortest (and most pointless) blog post ever, but I won’t. Let me elaborate for you…

The subject of this blog post occured to me last week when having a discussion on Facebook with friends of mine who are also involved in paranormal research in one way or another.

‘Is Judge Jeffries haunting The White Hart Inn?’ was the title of an article I linked to while I commented:

“Probably not, just like the hundreds of other places he visited that claim he haunts there are probably not haunted by him. Obviously.”

A friend replied

He seemingly visited the site for a few hours and it’s “haunted”! Did he leak ectoplasm or something?

which somehow made me think of Lord Voldemort and his horcruxes. For those who don’t know who Lord Voldermort is or what a Horcrux is – you are a loser. Lord Voldemort is a dark wizard who is out to kill Harry Potter to fulfil a prophecy. He breaks his soul down into seven pieces and put them into seven items (that have to be destroyed in order to kill Voldermort).

The ghost of Judge Jeffreys leaving behind his ectoplasm at the places he visited made me a) feel a bit sick and b) think of Voldemort.


Well, there are numerous famous (and infamous) ghosts who are said to haunt a multitude of places – Judge Jeffreys is often said to haunt most of the places he ever held court of executed people, Highway man Dick Turpin, Queen Victoria, Catherine Howard, as well as King Henry VIII…

The list goes on because it seems that if a building had a significant figure visit it in the past then there’s some connection with their ghost there; as though the ghost of King Henry VIII has been split down and shared amongst all the places of significance he ever visited in his life (a list which I am sure is quite vast). His own spiritual horcruxes.

In reality though the hauntings by King Henry VIII (and Judge Jeffreys, Catherine Howard etc.) are products of folklore, historic records and over active imaginations, and the popularity of sites said to be haunted by the late King with ghost groups probably says more about the state of “paranormal research” organisations across the UK than it does about the spiritual horcruxes of King Henry VIII.


*awaits the commenters who take this comparison seriously*


1 Response to "King Henry VIII is like Lord Voldemort"

Well, it’s not like making a movie in which stones can record three-dimensional videos of past events has gotten quoted by paranormal investigators as accepted fact before.

Oh, wait. Horcrux theory’s next. AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! I hope you’re happy. 😉

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