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A few ghost related things

Posted on: July 24, 2011

Yesterday I went exploring in a local historic landmark to see if I could recreate some ‘orb’ photos that had been sent to me by a member of the public for analysis. Rather than just dismiss them as ‘orbs’ I thought I better approach would be to try and recreate the effect, and as the location they’d taken the photos in was a few minutes from my house, it wasn’t a huge task.

You can read about the case on the WPR website by clicking here.

I also made a VLOG yesterday about the Iovilus – which is an Iphone app that apparently translates EMF fluctuations into words. People actually use this on ghost hunts as a genuinely plausible method of ghost detection – I’ve embedded the video below.





6 Responses to "A few ghost related things"

I don’t see that a smartphone app is any less plausible as a ghost detection device than say, a ghost box, or a little rattan ball, or a glass moving on a ouija board, since none of these devices have, to my knowledge, been calibrated with a confirmed, known ghost to establish their efficacy as detection devices.

It’s just table tipping for the 21st century.

Of course the Iovulus is crap …. but you knew that. It’s just a random generator. Whether it’s triggered in any way (by anything) is another matter.

An Iphone can’t, as you rightly say, detect random EMF detections. For a start there’s no circuitry inside an Iphone designed to do that and (even if there was) it couldn’t work because it would be swamped by the fields generated by the phone itself. Mobile phones will produce large electromagnetic fields ….in comparison to “ghosts”. On your video you can actually hear the rasping sound made by RF breakthrough from you Iphone.

So you spent £1.50 on a useless bit of software. But if ghosts are so clever they can manipulate the ambient electromagnetic field then they are probably ‘clever’ enough to influence the random number generator software within the AP …. or are they?

Many years ago when I built my first home computer from a kit (a Nascom 2 for any grey haired geeks out there … dead or alive!) I wrote a Basic program that could fool children and most adults. It was based on a set of random number generators. In essence it was an “I spy with my little eye” game you played with the computer.

The computer generated a line of text …”I’m think of a creature. It has ‘N’ legs. It’s very ‘S’. You ‘C’ keep it as a pet. You have 6 goes to guess what it is. Please enter the name of a creature and press RETURN.”

‘N’ was either “2, 4, 6, 8 or many”. ‘S’ was either “Very small, small, large or very large” and ‘C’ was either “could” or “could not”.

When a guess was entered the computer ran a ‘loaded’ random number generator that either selected the person’s guess as being “True” or “False” and reduced the guesses left by one. In the less likely event of “True” being generated the computer put up the line “Correct! I was thinking of “X'” where X was just the name the person had entered themselves at that guess.

The more savie person (dare I say skeptic) would input words like “dragon”, “gnome”, or just random rubbish to see what happened and perhaps after 4 guesses the computer would congratulate them with a line like “Correct! I was thinking of Mini Cooper”. Others could play for ages entering words like “centipede” in the ‘certain’ knowledge that the computer was as least as clever as them …. and perhaps it was!!

I dont know how much UK freq allocation is different from US. I think the phone can use 802.11n wifi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11 The wikipedia entry says that this could be in 2.4, 3.6 and 5 G Hz frequency bands.

The cell phone part may uses somewhat similar freq. Uk and US is probably different. I found this old article http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/archive/ra/topics/mpsafety/school-audit/mobilework.htm Your best bet is to check you manual for the phone or the UK equivelent of the FCC.

I wonder if this means that ghost have upgrade their tech from the ghost
box which uses lower freq to wifi and cell phone signals. Plus all those people claiming
headaches from wifi signals. Maybe they have very chatty ghosts. 🙂


but I put it on airplane mode and it still worked…

I am not a mobile phone tech, but I know that mobiles are fitted with two radios, one to receive, one to transmit, so if the airplane mode just turns off the transmit radio but leaves the receive one on, it could still work, if ghosts exist, and if they influence EM fields in the right frequencies to be detected by a phone, and if the software in the app is sophisticated enough to filter out all the random EM from all the electrical devices, cabling, neighbour’s wifi etc etc.

Or, the app could just be generating random data.

Occam would suggest the latter.

Yes Peter, ghosts here in the UK have now upgraded their communication technology from first Generation (1g) which were analogue. They are apparently now completely digital and are using error correcting techniques as well!

(On a technical point, the more expensive phones here in the UK are quad band and will work in US.)

Most people here are using 3g technology …. does that means you can communicate with 3 ghosts at a time? 🙂

How long before someone claims that a ghost has sent a video clip via their mobile?

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