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Posted on: July 22, 2011

I don’t want to seem like I’m kissing arse here but I know it will seem that way so here goes nothing… please go and listen to the last two episodes of the Token Skeptic Podcast. It wont take even an hour to do, and it will give you some great perspective on the skeptical community that we all end up belonging to even if we don’t identify as doing so.

The podcast is by Kylie Sturgess – you can find her website by clicking here.

The first episode is an interview with the lovely Bayani Mills whom I have spoken to a fair bit on twitter. He is a recent addition to skeptical activism and has done a cracking job so far – putting many of us to shame, by creating the very useful SeekTheEvidence.org and, for those in Australia, the Report a rort website that aids those skeptics who want to complain about claims being made without any evidence to back them up. It’s basically like the Aussie version of the Nightingale Foundation and will prove very useful.

The second episode is a vocalised version on an article that Sturgess wrote for her CSICOP ‘curiouser and curiouser’ column. I listened to this one while walking home from work through Bradford-on-Avon and I’m not sure what specifically made me feel touched by it, but the points that Kylie raises set a clarity in my mind that is often busied and distorted by what others tell me is and isn’t a problem when it comes to equality and inclusion.

Another podcast episode worth listening to is the Point of Inquiry interview with Rebecca Watson. Again, this podcast episode set a clarity in my mind about certain things that have happened recently within skepticism/atheism/feminism/humanism circles. It’s a very concise interview and I came away feeling I had gained a better understanding of things. I like Rebecca, I

like the Skepchicks, and the projects they’ve been working on really do make a difference – I mean, not a lot of people can claim to have worked towards combating the outbreak of whopping cough by vaccinating a shit load of people, can they?

Another awesome piece of internet goodness that has made me happy recently is the news that QEDcon is coming back in March 2012! The line up is yet to be revealed and tickets are yet to go on sale, but I am so going to be there. It’s payday for me soon and one of the first things I’ll be doing is booking my hotel room. I sincerely hope to meet a lot of my blog readers there.

Another conference that I must simply write about is Denkfest that is happening in Zurich in September – I’ll be speaking as part of a panel on skeptical blogging, but I’ll also be hanging around for the rest of the conference too that will see people like Chris French, Samantha Stein, Rose Shapiro (who is totally awesome, by the way), Edzard Ernst and dozens of other speakers talking about a whole range of interesting topics.

Don’t be put off by the “it’s in Zurich” thing either, because with EasyJet flights are less than £100 which is mega cheap – and I’m told there is cheap accomodation available, as well as skeptics in Zurich and nearby willing to share their couches.

If that hasn’t swayed you, how about an awesome 10% discount if you use this code >> LPR55A4 

Check out the Denkfest website for more details, I can guarantee that you will be VERY tempted…

pic credit: Natalie Dee


2 Responses to "Tokens, facts & awesome stuff"

Another terrific blog post.

As a person with a major disability who considers inclusion and diversity very important, I’ve stood entirely behind Rebecca throughout the entire scandal over the past few weeks. In the US, people with disabilities are 6 times as likely to be victims of violence than the population at large. The descriptions of the fear felt by so many women who have posted comments and written blogs about this affair cause me to cringe and identify.

I don’t think that a lot of people in the skeptics movement considered all of the pseudo science that is used to keep women down. I think the POI interview did a great job of bringing it out. There is a lot of pseudo science that falls outside of the skeptical canon.

If there’s a diversity panel at QED, I would like to come and speak on behalf of people with disabilities.

I listened to Chris Mooney’s interview with Rebecca Watson last night, and I agree that it was excellent. I must admit that I’m a little surprised by the furor that Rebecca’s comments about the guy in the elevator has elicited. I’ve been a fan of Rebecca’s ever since she first appeared on SGU. She’s a wonderful spokesperson for skepticism–articulate, funny, intelligent, and hip with just a touch of bite. Much like you, Hayley, except for the part about the touch of bite. 🙂

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