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Closed minds & Trystan Swale

Posted on: July 8, 2011

“How much do you get paid to be so negative?”

The question threw me and I opened my mouth in shock and watched as Trystan continued to smile at the barrage of negative comments and questions that came his way.

He’d made the mistake of giving a skeptical talk called ‘Disinformation within UFOlogy’ to an audience of mainly believers, now he was paying the price as his motives, education and profession were called into question. Called into question by people who are so clever that they see no issue with making leaps of logic, but in fact, recommend it.

It was a talk run by ‘Weird Events’ who organise the ‘Weird’ conferences that take place in Wiltshire, and was part of a series of lectures about a range of paranormal topics. I can remember the evening quite clearly because there had been am amateur film crew in the room for the talk, and I also remember how the audience turned against Trystan in the Q&A. I’ve never seen an audience react so negatively to someone who dared to have an opposing point of view.

If you are skeptical like I am, you will be made rather angry by the things people say to Trystan in this video simply because he dares to suggest in his talk that the things they believe are true aren’t true. What you wont see in this video is me jumping in at one point to defend Trystan’s stance with a very angry look on my face.

The video is heavily edited and the things said in it are cherry picked to make it sound like Trystan, and others, are saying things they aren’t. All in all it’s a rather amateur video and I’m a little bit furious that the film crew (who you can see my standing behind briefly) were texting one another nasty things about the speaker. Really unprofessional and childish.

This is a good demonstration of how closed-minded people truly are when they consider themselves to be open-minded because they believe in mystical, spiritual things. Believing in magical things doesn’t instantly make someone open minded.

This also demonstrates perfectly the lesson I learnt in 2007 when I first started to become skeptical and people attacked me for it – when people resort to ad hom attacks it’s because they’ve got no better argument to support their point of view.

Watch from 22:39 to see the bit with Trystan. Watch the rest to see illogical reasoning from the guy presenting the video – illogical, illogical, illogical…

Oh, and FYI, I do like Trystan even if the film crew people don’t… because he talks sense.


4 Responses to "Closed minds & Trystan Swale"

Lol! I quite enjoyed being the bad guy.

In the late 1950’s or early 60’s (I can’t remember exactly when) I saw a ‘large’ orange/red ball of light pass from horizon to horizon.. I say ‘large’ but I think something the size of my little finger nail, at arms length would have covered it. I was in our back garden, in Surrey, at the time. I remembered that the ball of light moved in a noticeable curved trajectory which, many years later, I believe indicated it was probably in orbit. I think the most likely explanation to be that it was something (rocket or satellite) burning up on re-entering the earths atmosphere.

Many years later, sitting in a small twin engined light aircraft flying with a group of fellow engineers to an exhibition, I again saw something strange. I looked out of the window on the opposite side of the plane to see an orange coloured ball of light, outside the plane (about the size of a grapefruit),move vertically upwards and then downwards and then quickly upwards again and disappear from view. The whole event was over in about two seconds. Whatever it was must have been travelling at exactly the same speed as the plane. This was probably some form of ball lightning as there were thundery conditions at the time.

About thirty years ago, whilst camping with our scouts, we were all lying in our tents looking out as a thunder storm raged. Suddenly a rotating and crackling, football size, ball of light bounced through the trees and down the clearing in which we were camped. This was definitely ball lightning.

Once I was sitting on a promenade wall on the south coast of England looking out to sea and also up in the sky while a thunder storm raged. It wasn’t raining where I was and the light show was fantastic with mostly sheet lightning of various colours. As I looked up I suddenly saw many (maybe 20 or so) rotating circles of light which themselves formed one massive circle. I say ‘massive’, but it was about the size of a bread side-plate held at arms length. Again, given the conditions, the most likely explanation is lightning.

All these ‘sighting’ should be called UFOs as they are truly ‘unidentified’. That doesn’t mean they were alien spaceships! The one seen outside the plane, of course, could have been some alien or alien craft (let’s face it aliens, if they existed, don’t have to be our size; they could be 10cm tall or smaller) but it has to remain ‘unidentified’ with the most logical explanation being ball lightning.

Once someone has a pseudo religious belief in anything then they will fit what they see, or think they see, to match that belief system. With the advent of the Internet there’s now a lot of ‘rubbish’ out there that people will use to reinforce their illogical beliefs. The young man featured in the video above stated that he liked to believe in conspiracy theories. In particular, he said that he didn’t believe that man had landed on the moon. This is despite many radio amateurs at the time intercepting the NASA transmissions from space and the continuing daily measurements of the moon-earth distance by laser beam reflected off special reflectors left on the moon by the US astronauts! I wonder whether high definition photos of all the lunar landing sites will convince these idiots.

Sadly, there are what appear to be otherwise intelligent people who believe in irrational ideas. For instance, there are university trained geologists, who are also fundamentalist Christians, that think the world is just 6,000 years old, that man descended from Adam in the Garden of Eden and that Noah’s flood actually happened …. just because it is written in a load of bronze age texts.

The human brain is certainly a strange thing!

A refreshing, open-minded retelling of your encounters! Thank you for sharing. I’ve experienced odd things too, it’s how one interprets them that makes all the difference 🙂

Jeepers., that brings back memories. Unfortunately, us open-minded researchers are still a minority; it will take some time before that changes. Few people change; few people want to. And to think we were all positively naive about the organizer of Weird Events back then.

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