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A sudden realisation

Posted on: June 16, 2011

Paranormal investigators are not the only people who have the ability to solve mysteries. Everyone can do that. In some cases, those who call themselves paranormal investigators are so clouded by biases that they are actually less able to solve mysteries than others.

I am starting to think that paranormal investigation is over rated… those who are worth listening to, who know what they’re talking about – they don’t call themselves paranormal investigators because they’re involved in other fields in which they’re well trained.

Go figure…


10 Responses to "A sudden realisation"

I would agree to some respect. My paranormal business card does not say Paranormal Investigator. It says Photographer, and I might add Blog Admin to it.

Other Titles of mine:
Historical Researcher
Conspiracy Theorist De-bunker (my favorite)

I have and do investigate the Paranormal… but I don’t personally subscribe to the idea that there are “experts” in this area. I don’t know of any true paranormal scientist either.

As for being Biased… hmm maybe when it comes to my personal agenda, and we all have one of those, yes.
As for when it comes to ghosts, well not every old building is haunted. Not everywhere a death has occurred is either.
And I have never been in a haunted graveyard looking for ghosts. Mostly I visit them because they are much more peaceful then city parks. Yes I do go to graveyards more then parks.
Oh add a title I get a lot from others, Weird.

To add just one more thing. I investigate all kinds of weird and unusual things. Most of the time I find a mundane reason for them. Skeptical, yes… biased, not normally for me. If I can debunk it I will. If I cant, it goes in the unexplained pile.

Yes there are a lot of “Paranormal Investigators” out there. Most are not very scientific. Then a lot of it is just entertainment or to promote a historical site. I have no problem with either, so as long as they stay respectful of the departed and those that are still among the living.

You say this Frank, and then I go to your website and see that your team are psuedo-scientific in what they do. So I think you’re probably one of those “most are not very scientific” people you described. See how easy it is for people to not realise how they’re doing things wrong?

The Blog is mostly to give others a small amount of what we do. I have gigabytes of information that is not on the blog. I think it could hold it all. The blog is for those who have asked our group personally what we have found and any findings.

The blog does not describe any methodology that we use to great detail nor does it include private investigations that we have done.

Also I have a few more years on you in the field of studying the paranormal…. I would say I have 26 years to your 6. I don’t hold myself exclusively to the field though, I study other things. I would not call myself an expert after researching UFO’s, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Demon’s and any other unexplained phenomenon for 26 years.

And as I have said. I have not met one “EXPERT” in the field ever. Anyone claiming to be is trying to sell me snake oil that I wont purchase.

And for one last thought… I know what it is like to be on the other side… I have been dead before… more then once in this lifetime. This is why I try to gather information on ghosts. I don’t know why the exist, I crossed over and came back 3 times.

Maybe someday I will blog about what it was like to be dead.

You talk about EVPs and other things like that, so I’m going to confidently say that comparing your 26 years to my 6 years is actually a logical fallacy called appeal to authority and it doesn’t stand.
Good gosh.

Mundane explanations are truer, but far less exciting.

Ah, but isn’t that the draw? Being able to just magically give yourself an important-sounding title to impress strangers without having to put in any of the real work involved in getting a title?

The paranormal community is one that is specifically shaped to make the participants feel special, even if *gasp* it’s not the case. Anyone with powers of observation sharp as a butter knife can see that, just go to a paranormal convention.

It’s an exercise in reinforcing one another’s bullshit and providing a safe bubble where everyone is “sensitive” or has been having “experiences” since they were a child.

It’s sad because paranormal investigation doesn’t have to be that way. It can be fun without being absurd, and it can be creepy without being insulting to one’s intelligence, but unfortunately, we live in a society where everyone is more desperate to feel important than they are to be reasonable

Bingo, Greg. I’m fascinated with haunted houses and ghosts and etc, not because I think there’s anything paranormal to the stories I’ve heard, but because they’re an interesting insight into human psychology. And old places are creepy (often with the added bonus of creepy crawling bugs) fun.

I’d like to participate in investigations, but the only people I’ve met that claim to investigate claims of the paranormal are hardcore believers. Sure it would be awesome to discover any of these things are real, but learning why and how we believe things that are not demonstrated to be true is pretty awesome as well.

“And for one last thought… I know what it is like to be on the other side… I have been dead before… more then once in this lifetime. This is why I try to gather information on ghosts. I don’t know why the exist, I crossed over and came back 3 times.”

No you haven’t, hallucinations due to lack of oxygen to the brain 3 times maybe

@ IOWcatalyst Woody

“No you haven’t, hallucinations due to lack of oxygen to the brain 3 times maybe”

I think it’s more a sign of chronic indecision.

All humans have bias. Knowing that about yourself is the first step towards doing what you can to acknowledge it, minimize it and deal with it.

I wrote a post about the Travel Channel show called Ghost Adventures which sums up how I feel about most so-called “paranormal investigators.”

Bring your Scooby snacks.

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Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

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