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When google becomes personal…

Posted on: May 24, 2011

When something annoys me I blog about it, it’s what I do. I write about how I am feeling and it would appear that doing that annoys some people and I think that’s a shame. In a post I made yesterday about how certain things said by listeners of the Righteous Indignation Podcast make me feel uncomfortable I mentioned that some people have searched for ‘Hayley Stevens Speech impediment’ in the past and have clicked onto my website in the search results. I should have worked out this would have made others search exactly the same thing.
I didn’t though and when I noticed a number of people had found my blog by searching that term I jokingly tweeted and posted on facebook that people should stop searching for that term – however that prompted people to search for the term more, as well as terms of their own that they thought would be funny.

Through the day I checked back twice and took screen caps to share the funny things people were googling to find my blog and then things took a bit of a sinister turn and people started searching things that were rude an insulting and clicking on my blog so that I would see the term they searched.

These included:

– “Hayley Stevens” bitch
– Hayley Stevens stroppy little tart
– “Hayley Stevens” deluded
– Hayley Stevens attention whore RI
– Hayley Stevens stupid

I also got accused of loving the attention these searches were generating in my direction when in fact I actually just found it annoying but funny at the same time. However I didn’t think people would be abusive via anonymous google searches and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel amused, insulted, as though I’ve been taught a lesson, put in my place…

I do find it funny that what I presume are adults don’t have the guts to call me names with their own names attached to their comment at the bottom of my blog posts, and if your aim was to insult me it sort of worked, but you insulted me not with the words you searched, but actually by thinking that such childish behaviour would upset me. You really got me wrong.

Here is a full list of the terms some of you searched , I know who some of them are from and some of you have requested a copy of this. Enjoy.


8 Responses to "When google becomes personal…"

Ugh. The nasty ones shouldn’t have happened. Joking around is one thing, being mean is another.

Some of those, especially the ones you quote, are really out of order. You’re getting a lot of flak and a lot of pretty out of line comments and it’s effectively bullying- Bitch and Deluded are particularly nasty.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down, you’re doing a bang up job.


Ok, I admit it. Some of the brains ones were mine. But they were only in response to your twittering and trying to redress the balance of the idiots. I thought they’d be funny. Marsh’s voice is cute…especially when he gets over excited. 😉 they should recognise your work on the podcast more. Who cares what ppl Google to find your site? The point is that they find it and learn something. The content is or at least should be the point with skeptical websites. Just ignore the idiots and do your thing. (I’ve nothing against your voice…it does the job.)

Although its true that it is important that poeple find information and sometimes it doesn’t matter how as long as they do- I fear in this case it is more likely being done by people who are already aware and they’re doing it simply to be douche-bags.

As Adam said, joking around with a friend or acqauintence is one thing but some of these were just being dicks.

You rock.
Just saying. Feel free to quote that. At length, whenever possible, particularly around jerks. 🙂

I added a nice one today.. 😛

Keep up the great work Hayley and remember all those that support you – not the few idiots who have issues with reality.

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