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The dog and the angry man

Posted on: May 18, 2011

We were in the dimly lit function room of a village pub somewhere in the heart of Wiltshire trying to contact the ghost that had been seen walking through that area. It was raining outside, all of the customers had gone home a long time ago and we had come to the conclusion that the basement was the centre for the activity – I forget how we came to that conclusion but we had, and so naturally I was too scared to go in there.

We were sitting outside of the basement entrance around a table and there was an upturned glass in the middle of it with about ten people sitting around the edge. I can clearly remember that I was sitting between the landlord and one of my team mates and we had been ‘talking’ to numerous ‘ghosts’.

I was leading the communications and because of this I was talking directly to the ghosts that we thought we were communicating with, so the others at the table would mutter the questions they wanted me to ask when they thought of them and I would repeat them.

The glass has stopped moving and we had been sat in silence eagerly anticipating what was going to occur next when the medium who was sitting opposite me suggested I asked the spirit we were communicating with if it was a dog. I placed my finger back on the glass and went to ask the question and then realised what had been said. I paused and glanced to my left where the landlord was sitting and was glad to see that he also looked confused by the request.

“Ask… if it’s a dog?” I repeated, looking across the table at the medium and he nodded, “Why?” I questioned, genuinely confused.

“Just, I’m just getting a thought” he said shaking his head slightly and leaning across the table to place his finger on top of the glass with the rest of us.

I had been taught by experienced ghost hunters that when a medium told you that, you did what they suggested,

“Spirit, are you a dog?”

There was a pause and then the glass moved in a circle three times before coming to a stop.

Silence descended once more as we all took in the answer. I was skeptical and very much aware of how weird the situation had become because at that stage I was willing to believe that dead people were able to talk to me by pushing a glass around a table, but a dog? Yet, even though I doubted the situation I knew that some people around the table would probably accept that as possible and I didn’t want to laugh as one of them was driving me home that night and, well, that would have been awkward.

As my mind processed the fact that we were apparently communicating with a dog who had somehow developed the ability to push a glass around the middle of a table I became quickly aware of the fact that I was breaking tradition by not continuing on with the questions despite the fact that a spirit has just made contact.

“Thank you spirit”

The glass pushed to the left of the table, “uh… woof woof?”

I had panicked and I had woof-ed at the glass. I was filled with dread as I realised what I had done, but was saved by the landlord who started laughing in his seat next to me, laughter that thankfully spread around the rest of the table.

“I’m sorry, I just find it really hard to believe that a dog is pushing this glass” I said, embarrassed and relieved all at the same time. Suddenly the glass slid towards me with such a force that it almost fell off the edge of the table and into my lap.

“It’s the angry man again”

I looked up at the medium who was staring at me,

“He wants you to go into the basement.”

The angry man was the ghost we had been communicating with from early on in the evening, he had continually tried to push the glass into my lap and had hurt another team members hand by forcing the glass into it. The angry man was called ‘Joseph’ and was ’32’ according to the answers he had given us.

Naturally I was terrified at the idea that this spirit was back with us.

“It was him messing with us, saying he was a dog” the medium explained as the glass started to turn in anti-clockwise circles which, apparently, indicated something demonic.

Me entering the basement wasn’t even slightly possibly going to happen because it was scary and dark and spooky, so I bluffed my way out of it by asking the spirit for clarification.

“Spirit, you want somebody to go into the cellar with you?” the glass moved in a circular motion to indicate ‘yes’, and a nervous shuffle went around the table with numerous people looking at me uneasily.

“Spirit, can you clarify who you wanted to go into the cellar by pushing the glass towards them please?”

The glass started to come towards me and I panicked because I didn’t want to go into the cellar with a ghost and I didn’t want to look like a coward in front of the others, so I did what any sane person would do in that situation – I pushed the glass a bit more than I should have and it ended up in front of another team member called Dave. He ended up going into the cellar and not me.

*this is one of many recollection posts I will be making over the coming weeks, looking back at my early years as a ghost researchers, before I became skeptical and more rational*


9 Responses to "The dog and the angry man"

There’s no such thing as a Spirit Dog. Unfotunately even the story of St Bernards carrying brandy barrels is a myth!

Very odd feelings just reading this. Can’t place them. Maybe they where the feelings you had of the basement. Spooky at best.
Good stuff, keep it coming.

I can remember that night very well as I was sat next to Dave and when the glass started coming in our direction I started thinking “Please go towards someone else, please go towards someone else” even though I had a good idea someone else round the table was pushing it (little did I know it was YOU ) When the glass stopped in front of Dave the look on his face made it perfectly clear that he was frightened so I said “Go on Dave, the angry man wants you to go into the cellar with him” I cannot put what he said here (too many swear words were involved) but needless to say he was not very happy.

…and we never saw Dave again.

I’m not sure how to interpret the starey medium’s comments. It almost sounds like he’s got it in for you, and started trying to make things unpleasant for you, maybe because you treated it with too much levity. He certainly seemed to read quite a lot about the angry man’s motivations from relatively little information.

I could also just be reading way too much into it myself, but it’s interesting looking back and seeing how different things might look from your perspective now, than when you were so immersed in things at the time.

Would anyone in a sitting like this ever be likely to accuse someone else of pushing the glass deliberately, either away from them or towards someone else? Or was it not the done thing to suggest that anything might not be ghostly?

When I became more skeptical and made the move to no longer use glass divination and similar techniques, half the team – including the medium mentioned, left and turned on me. Also, if you suspected someone was moving the glass you wouldn’t outright accuse them, but you would mention it to other people. It’s an odd culture.

Did you feel guilty when Dave was possessed and ultimately killed in a horrifically gruesome way by the enraged spirit of the angry man? I’m assuming thats what must have happened?

No, he’s very much alive and nothing bad happened, though he did bang his head on a low hanging pipe and he went down into the basement 😀

Funny tale, but, whatever the reason, falsifying any ‘experiment’ is wrong, the world of woo has enough frauds, without skeptics possibly biasing outcomes. I am not sure if I find it sad or mad, that people still sit around tables with upturned glasses, even today. We all know that the only spirit in a glass comes from a bottle!!!

I did laugh @ “uh… woof woof?”, I can just picture the scene!! Reminded me of the debate some woo have about whether or not dogs (and other animals) have spirits and souls. I knew someone years ago who was upset when a ‘spirit messenger’ told them that animals do not have souls and no afterlife hehe

I wasn’t a skeptic at the time,,,

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