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The Ghostly Haiku!

Posted on: April 10, 2011

Three days ago I launched a competition on this blog that offered participants the chance to win a Glow-in-the-dark Placebo Band after having some kindly sent to me in the post by SkepticBros. I asked people to submit the best ghost-themed haiku they could think of and the best would win the band.

I didn’t entertain the idea that I would get even half a dozen entries but the readers of my blog have proven me wrong and I have received eighteen entries in total, which isn’t bad for three days! I have also been really impressed with the quality of the haiku I received too – not that I’m saying I think my readers are unimaginative and uncreative cretins or anything, but they’ve been really rather good, so I thought I’d share the entried with you. The winner is announced at the bottom of the page.

Here are the entires:

Shapes seen mistaken
Wind gusts and old house does groan
The camera lies
Paul Barton, Glasgow


At night ghosts haunt me.
Paralyze me with their eyes.
Laundry by daylight.
Allena Hail


Don’t know the answer?
Why bother with evidence?
It MUST be a ghost!
Jake Boone, Oregon, USA


So hurt and alone,
Now my presence is left here,
You may not see me
Greg, California, USA


Shh, it’s dark now, wait
Quick, look, that thing just ran by
Oh, the cat again!
Tracie Louise, Syracuse, USA


Do you hear a noise?
Something goes bump in the night.
Sure it’s my dead Nan.
‘HighNumber’, USA


If you’ve had a fright,
Hayley will set you all right:
No tricks, just insight.
Sean Ellis, Surrey


Hear voice in my head,
Hear voice in my recorder,
Must be ghost with me.
Tom Hail, California


Chains are heard rattling
Flesh creeps and goosebumps appear
Shrieks pierce the night air
‘T-shirt man’, Liverpool


Was that winter’s chill
Clambering over my spine?
Or malignant spirit?


EMF is real
Lights flash bright on your meter
so ghost must be near!
Paul, Chicago


here’s Carl and Yvette
Something goes bang in the night
It’s easy money
Ian Teeling, Chestnuts


Strange voices on tape,
And the camera shows clearly,
Orbs infest this room.
Rob Hinkley


Yvette Fielding asks,
“Is there a spirit in here?”
Of course there isn’t…
John Tanner, Peak District


Quantums fluctuating,
Shadow people stirring,
must be off my meds.
Chris Reynolds, New Mexico


Is there a ghost here?
Before you decide,
always Check the obvious.
Ofquack [Authors note: HAIKU ALERT!]


I glimpsed, so fleeting;
Messenger from the spirits?
Alas! Bed sheeting!
Mykie Leong, Altrincham


Claim your pub has ghosts?
Hayley will show you have none,
Marketing stunt fail.

You can see why it was so hard to choose one to announce as the winner.

I managed to whittle it down to two that I had to choose from, but I couldn’t because I really liked both of them so I’ve decided to send them both a Placebo Band.

I apologise to those who didn’t win because all of the entries were so good, thank you for entering them and well done for being so creative – you all beat mine hands down!

The winning entries are:

Was that winter’s chill
Clambering over my spine?
Or malignant spirit?


Mykie Leong!
I glimpsed, so fleeting;
Messenger from the spirits?
Alas! Bed sheeting!

Your haiku was great, glow in the dark band is yours, wear it with great joy.

Yes… that was a haiku. (^^)

I will be in touch to arrange where to send the bands, in the mean time you may dance for joy (I’m just testing the bands out now, they really DO glow in the dark! It’s awesome!)


2 Responses to "The Ghostly Haiku!"

Oh boo! My submission must have not worked 😦

No, I didn’t get anything from you. Sorry 😦

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Hayley is a ghost

Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

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