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Win a placebo band!

Posted on: April 7, 2011

They glow!

Recently I received some ‘Placebo Bands’ in the post from SkepticBros to hand out to people to help spread the facts behind products such as ‘Power Balance’ bands that make grand claims that have no factual basis to them. I normally wear a yellow band (many of those at QED who saw me commented on it, and I always seem to get asked about it at ‘skeptics in the pub’ events).

In case you don’t already know what a Power Balance band is, you can read all about the claims that surrounded the expensive bands by visiting the website of the Australian Skeptics here. To sum them up though, it was claimed that simply by having a Power Balance band near you, the hologram attached to the band would enable you to improve your performance and wellness. It was claimed that the hologram resonated at the same frequency as the body and that the hologram harmonised negativty or something along those lines.

There were simply tests you could do with a Power Balance band on and off to see how the band improved your performance. Below is a video showing Richard Saunders from the Australian Skeptics Society putting these ‘performance tests’ to the test and showing how the supposed improvement in performance was actually down to the power of suggestion. An excellent demonstration!

I have proudly worn my ‘Placebo band’ mimic of the ‘Power Balance band’ ever since I got it last year and it has been a really great way to engage people in discussion about the claims surrounding the Power Balance bands and products that are similar (Q-link products, for example, claim to be able to do similar, and there are others on the market too).

You can find out more about the Placebo Bands and ways in which you can use one to engage people in discussion about the claims surrounding such products here.

If you want to win one of the glow-in-the-dark Placebo Bands currently sitting on my desk (that I was told by SkepticBros will help with Ghost Hunting…) then simply think up the best ghost-related haiku and submit it through the form below.

Here is my example:

There is a ghost here,
There is ecto everywhere,
best call ghostbusters.

On April 10th at 10pm(BST) I will choose the entry I think is the most creative and the person who submitted it will win the glow-in-the-dark Placebo band! It’s simple!


3 Responses to "Win a placebo band!"

[…] hand at poetry and want to win a placebo band (not win Placebo, the band), read Hayley’s post here. Tags: balance, band, friendly, haley, placebo, power, rather, skeptic, […]

[…] I think I’ve covered all the articles and features that I found interesting this week. I’m sure there are more, I hope to write a similar blog post next week so feel free to send me articles that have interested you and be sure to enter my Haiku contest to be in with the chance of winning a glow-in-the-dark Placebo band. […]

[…] Three days ago I launched a competition on this blog that offered participants the chance to win a Glow-in-the-dark Placebo Band after having some kindly sent to me in the post by SkepticBros. I asked people to submit the best ghost-themed haiku they could think of and the best would win the band. […]

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