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Denkfest :)

Posted on: April 6, 2011

I am extremely excited to be able to tell you, the readers of my blog, that in September I will be travelling to Zurich, Switzerland to take part in a panel about Skeptical Blogging as part of the four-day science and skepticism event known as ‘Denkfest‘ (which roughly translates to ‘Thought fesival’ or ‘thinking hard’ and takes place from September 8th – 11th).

The panel will be Ali Arbia who blogs as zoonpolitikon on Scienceblogs, Christina Rad who blogs on Youtube as ZOMGitsCriss, Florian Freistetter who blogs as astrodicticum-simplex on Sciencblogs, Julia Offe who blogs as mutterwitz on Scienceblogs, Lars Fischer who edits and blogs at scilogs.de and me.

We will be discussing how bloggers can reach an audience, how to deal with user feedback, whether blogging (through whatever channel) actually shapes opinions and much more. The panel takes place on the Thursday in the lead up to the main event that will see 30+ speakers from 3 continents provide talks on a whole variety of subjects. Some speakers names that will be familiar to readers of my blog include Professor Chris French, Rose Shapiro and Edzard Ernst.

When I was originally asked to speak at Denkfest I was majorly excited but also a bit confused as to why I’d been asked to speak about blogging alongside people who had such influencial blogs. I realised though that when I started blogging just over a year ago I would get 15 hits to my blog a day if I was lucky. Now I get hundreds a day, even thousands if I’ve written something a bit interesting. I get emails from people all around the world who read what I write and want to tell me they enjoy my blog or that I’ve inspired them…

I’ve been ‘Freshly Pressed’ by WordPress three times in the space of six months and there are hundreds of people who have subscribed to my blog for some reason or another. It’s all a little bit crazy how this thing has taken off – especially as I just blog about my thoughts, ideas and opinions and I write about everyday things and not something I’m qualified to talk about (i.e. ghost huntin’)

I hope that this is all something I can reflect through my contribution to the panel, the fact that anyone (and lets face it, I am just another person on the street) can create a sucessful blog and can share their thoughts in a way that inspires and challenges people. I’m also looking forward to hearing what the others have to say, and whether they’ve ever had somebody email their boss in an attempt to get them in trouble for something they’ve blogged about (this happened this week… it’s quite childish).

If you are thinking of going along to Denkfest, or you’ve been tempted by the line up on the website, I’m quite excited to say I can offer you the chance to get a 10 francs discount on the festival pass, simply use the promo code: T7L4HF4 – or if you’re a student use:  T278A7s

What jolly good fun this shall be. I’ve never been to Switzerland before, I hear they have nice chocolate…


4 Responses to "Denkfest :)"

It’s a shockingly beautiful place and I am dead jealous.

Note: You’ve quoted the promo codes the wrong way around – the student one ends in the s.

Trying to book tickets online but at this point, the ticketino website can’t cope with either of my two cards! Must be something Swiss in the system…

For info, for anyone else booking: I fixed the booking problem by telling the site to book the price in Swiss Francs and not to attempt conversion to GBP! My bank can do that sum. Evidently their booking system just can’t cope with that. (Which just begs the question – why would anyone trust a Swiss bank?!)

@Mark, Thanks for the hint, didn’t know about this. Will post a note on the booking site. And yes, the promo codes are indeed mentioned the wrong way round, I got them mixed when sending the info to Hayley. Sorry!

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Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

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