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A letter from the producer of ‘psychic & science’

Posted on: March 30, 2011

I had this sent to me today from Richie Ross, the ‘executive producer’ of “psychic & Science”, a ‘theatre show’ that I wrote about here, thought I’d share for the “lulz”.

Hello Hayley,

Thank you for your article on our forthcoming touring production of “Psychic & Science”. It’s a shame you didn’t have the courtesy to come to us in the first instance with your thoughts and comments so we could have had the chance of responding.

I would have, if I were a journalist. However, they’ve found my blog now and can resond. Fun.

I myself have worked in the theatre industry for over 10 years now, and have produced and directed many international shows, touring all over the world – some research on your part would have shown you our pedigree and reputation is well respected within the industry – unfortunately we havent had the opportunity to work with amateur productions as you seem to, but I’m sure it brings you as much joy.

It’s always nice to hear from other people who work in the theatre industry, and Richie’s work must have been high pedigree if he’s toured internationally which is genuinely great.

I wonder what it was that made him decide to stop producing such high quality productions?

As for amateur productions, they do bring me joy because it’s nice to see people taking genuine joy in bringing a production to life. One week I could be dealing with an international star, the next week children from the local community performing a panto. Variety is the spice of life.

Interesting to see you’ve reported us to the Advertising Standards Authority, I welcome their contact. I have also likewise reported you today as the term “Rather Friendly Skeptic” seems inappropriate and misleading taking into account the content of your blog site.

*sob sob sob*

I’m pleased to say we will be performing in Salisbury as part of our UK tour – I would love to welcome you to the show so you can at least get a perspective on it, before the drival you wrote without seeing it, or clearly understanding the concept.

I wouldn’t attend even if I were paid, there’s probably an amateur performance on that will be of a higher calibre. Also, I wrote about the impression of the show that  I got from their website – if that cannot communicate the proper concept it’s a bit of a fail. lulz.

However, I am glad Richie got in touch and reminded me about my blog post as I had forgotten to write to the ASA.


4 Responses to "A letter from the producer of ‘psychic & science’"

I’m sure you aren’t worried about him reporting you to the ASA, if indeed he did. He#s probably just trying to make a funny, funny point.

But anyway, I’m still going to point out that the ASA do not regulate ‘Journalistic and editorial content and material related to causes and ideas’. So unless your blog was selling something or trying to fund raise, the ASA is completely irrelevant.

Yes, which makes it even funnier.

Heh, exactly my thoughts… it’s always nice for people to deal with criticism in such a personal way.

wow. this reminds me of how much i love humans. Thanks for posting this, it’s nice to see the two sides of one story. Keep up the FANTASTIC work! I got yo’ back 🙂 —
Fan from the U.S.

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