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Posted on: March 18, 2011

It’s Friday! It’s the end of the week and I’ve been trying to decide who to suggest for #followfriday on Twitter and I’ve found it really difficult to choose, so instead I’ve made a twitter list of people I think are great to follow and you can find it by clicking here. It’s a work in progress so do check back now and then…

This post is instead about podcast episodes and blog posts I recommend people listen to or read that I found interesting or educational. I find making a post like this much easier than tweeting about each of the following.


As the editor of the Righteous Indignation Podcast I don’t often listen to other podcasts because I unintentionally start comparing episodes to the ones I edit which leads to me thinking I’m doing a crap job.

However, this week I’ve been playing catch-up with my podcasts and I recommend the following podcast episodes:

1 – Monster Talk: Is The Skookum Fair Dinkum?

Monster Talk is awesome. It won ‘podcast of the year’ in the Righteous Indignation 2010 round up show after I nominated it and anybody who doesn’t already listen, should. Or else.

The latest episode was really enjoyable and looked at the case surrounding the skookum cast. A cast taken of a body print discovered in soft mud at the side of a track during an expedition in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state in September 2000.

Many claim the cast was made by a sasquatch and that the indents are the forearm, hip, thigh, heel and ankle of the creature, but it’s widely agreed that it was actually caused by a resting elk. The episode dives deeply into the case and gives a great insight into the story surrounding the cast. It’s a great listen, especially for those who may not be familiar with the case, and also for those who are a bit sketchy on the details (as I was, the discovery was made in 2000 afterall – when I was still in school!)

2 – Skeptically Speaking #102 – Fluoride & Water tech

This was a subject I have seen much debate on in the past but have never really been able to form an opinion on because of my lack of knowledge. I love Skeptically Speaking because of the calm approach to the subject being discussed that Desiree Schell takes. Each show is really informative and because of that I like to think I’m a little bit more clued up on the subject than I was before.

3 – The Conspiracy Skeptic – The Georgia Guidestones

Karl Mamer talks to Blake Smith (a.k.a Dr Atlantis) about his visit to The Georgia Guidestones, a subject I will admit I knew nothing about.

According to the Conspiracy Skeptic website the Georgia Guidestones have been standing in a weird plot of land since the early 1980s. They’ve increasingly become an irritant to New World Order conspiracy nuts.

The Conspiracy Skeptic always makes for good listening, so check it out.

4 – The Token Skeptic Podcast – On Miracle cures & changes to the ASA in the UK (interview with Rhys Morgan)

I am shamefully behind on my Token Skeptic episodes, but this one was very interesting. The episode touches upon the changes to the ASA (something I interviewed Alan Henness from the Nightingale Collaboration about for episode 85 of the Righteous Indignation Podcast)

5 – Righteous Indignation Podcast – an open discussion with Rose Shapiro at Bath Skeptics in the Pub.

Also worth a mention is the fact that the latest episode of Righteous Indignation is a bit different. It’s a recording of the last Bath Skeptics in the Pub event that saw me host an open discussion with Rose Shapiro, the author of ‘Suckers – How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools Of Us All’.

We managed to record the entire session and it is now online via the Righteous Indignation Podcast. Click here to listen.

There was a man in the audience by the name of Oliver Dowding who treats cattle with homeopathy who brought a debate element to the evening and it’s quite interesting to listen to. It does appear though that Oliver doesn’t stop at treating cattle with homeopathy though, he also sells wheatgrass juice to people as a health supplement and, until recently, had a claim on his site that these juices could help cure cancer. Naughty…

Blog posts

1 – This wonderful piece by Sharon Hill (aka Idoubtit) called ‘Dowsing: An unethical geoligic delusion’ is well worth a read. As is the whole blog, really.

2 – Behold! The discovery of the giant boner frog!

3 – Wilson Da Silva breaks down the irrational reporting surrounding the ‘Nuclear catastrophy’ in Japan in an article titled ‘Media Meltdown‘. (H/t to Kylie Sturgess for this link)

4 – This article by Karen Stollznow entitled ‘Paranormal Paramours’ for CSICOP is a truly fascinating look at ghost folklore (even if it does have Zak Bagans in it).

Bowness lake monster, allegedy

5 – Please also check out my BARsoc article about my investigation into the Bownessie photograph taken by Tom Pickles (shown above in cropped form) in early February that many claim shows the lake monster that is supposed to be in lake Windermere.

6 – Finally, something a bit fun to finish with – a flowchart to help you work out if you are having a rational discussion (H/t to Wendy Cousins)

Have a good weekend!


2 Responses to "#FF & general recommendations"

That’s quite an impressive lineup of content you’ve pulled together. We appreciate your including Skeptically Speaking on the list. Thanks for listening!

No problem! Thanks for the show, it really was grand to listen to!

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