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Posted on: February 25, 2011

This weekend I am going to be mostly interviewing potential paranormal investigators. The recruitment drive that Wiltshire Phenomena Research ran at the beginning of this year (as covered by the BBC, BBC radio, heart FM, the Wiltshire Times and so on…) is very nearly at its end and I can’t wait to see what sorts of people we accept onto the team. We’re going to spend a whole day in Warminster conducting the interviews at the very lovely Athenaeum Theatre. I’m really looking forwards to meeting the people that made it through the selection process!

The following week we are then embarking on the team training so it’s all go at the moment, but I’m glad that WPR feels as though it is coming back together after the hassle of last year which was the result of having the wrong sort of people involved with the team. Now that I have quit as a volunteer for the ‘Weird’ conferences that were seriously loosing the vision they had set out with, I feel as though I am able to (and have already managed to) focus my time on more positive things.

I wanted to write a quick blog post to round up a few things that I think are of interest and need sharing.

standing room only at the launch of Bath SitP

Bath Skeptics in the Pub finally launched on Tuesday 22nd Feb with a talk by me called ‘Why aren’t ghosts naked?’ – it was lovely, after so much work had been put in by myself and the other Bath Skeptics volunteers to see the room at The Hop Pole full up with people who had turned out for the event. There was standing room only when the talk kicked off and I kept noticing people poking their heads around the door into the room now and then – turns out it was the bar staff who wanted to come and see the talk. We even had some people there who were under the age of ten which I think is fantastic!

Our next event is on March 8th with a group discussion led by Rose Shapiro, the author of ‘Suckers – why alt med makes fools of us all’. It is at The Hop Pole again from 7:30pm. Rose will be selling some copies of her book and I’m sure she will be happy to sign them (or the ones you already own!)

I overdosed on homeopathy in the middle of Bristol with Rose alongside the Bristol skeptics back in 2010 for the original ten23 overdose and it was a pleasure to meet her and get to talk to her. I don’t think I can put in to words how excited I am that she has agreed to come along to Bath Skeptics.

Following on from the Q.E.D conference held in Manchester at the beginning of February, the lovely Kylie Sturgess (who I actually got to meet at QED) has recently published a video that contains snippets from the weekend (including a bit from the Ghost Investigations Today panel that I sat on). It’s a great overview of the weekend and it really brings it all back. You can watch the video here, it’s well worth it even if you didn’t attend.

Also worth a mention is a survey being conducted by Becky Smith as part of her PhD in Parapsychology (she is based at Coventry). Becky needs as many people as possible to fill this survey in – it doesn’t take long and is actually quite fun once you get going. I filled it in and if you could take a few minutes to do the same then it would be really helpful.

Also worth a mention is the fact that the GhostFest SouthWest 2011 now has tickets on sale. The paranormal conference is raising money for Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (Registered Charity No. 205395) I will be delivering a talk as part of this conference about how the paranormal is often used as a marketing tool and how urban legends and folklore are born of this.

Other speakers include A.S.S.A.P, Richard Skeates, Richard Jones, Ciaran O Keeffe and CJ Romer (whose talk I am looking forward to the most).If you live locally then please come along – it will be really fun and you might learn something interesting. Tickets can be ordered by emailing ghostfest-southwest@live.co.uk


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Glad things are going well! Could you provide a link to the BBC radio coverage please?

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