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A spooky blast from the past

Posted on: January 4, 2011

*edit* I just found a third video. Ouch.

This is just a random (and rather embarrassing) blog post that I just HAD to make. As you may be aware, when I first got involved in ghost research in 2005 I wasn’t exactly what you would call rational. Like a sponge I absorbed all sorts of nonsense ideas and theories and held beliefs in all sorts of weird things.

I just found these two videos from the time before I became more skeptical, from when people would have been happy to call me a ‘woo’. These videos are from the time that I was part of a team called ‘Twelfth Hour Paranormal Investigations’ – don’t laugh!

I think they are proof that someone who has absorbed lots of nonsense can ‘see the light’ and can become more rational and aware of facts and logical fallacies.

Now, quite frankly, I used to be a coward on investigations – I was so scared at one location once that I vaulted over (OVER) a team mate who is five foot tall. One moment I was behind her in a narrow hallway where two people couldn’t stand side by side, and the next moment I was in front of her, using her as some sort of a shield against whatever had made a noise behind me.

Neither of us are sure how I got on the other side of her to this day.

The first video is from an investigation in a pub. There were three of us on the ground floor moving around in the dark (groan) when suddenly there was an odd noise behind me. The second is audio taken from a dictaphone of us all panicking when we hear strange noises in the kitchen of a location. We later discovered the noises were an ice machine (how humiliating…)

The third is in a guest room of a famously haunted pub – you can see me in the background. I think my reaction to the tapping noises is hilarious.

So yeah, enjoy… and don’t judge me, I’ve become a lot… braver. Honest.


1 Response to "A spooky blast from the past"

If we could hear this free of the dramatic background music and graphics, it would be easier to decipher……

Years ago, my ex husband and a friend of ours held a seance in the friend’s flat, that had been subject to all manner of strange sounds and disturbances for some months.
Only the three of us were present in the flat.

From the moment we began the seance, I’d been aware of a, ‘presence,’ to the left and behind me, but I said nothing to the others.

What emerged via the glass moving to letters was indecipherable, but the tape recorder we had running throughout produced a hair-raising sound. It was of a deep anguished sigh, seeming to originate from just behind my left shoulder……
After that session, our friend reported an increase in disturbances in his flat: noises through the night, clothes being scattered across his bedroom, objects such as ornaments being moved from one place to another.

We held another seance a few weeks later, this time having a camera set up on a tripod, focused on the circle, to trigger if anything should cross the remote cable. We also had the tape recorder running . Again came that deep, anguished sigh.

The camera flashed three times during the sitting – and when the film was developed, three frames showed a sort of ,’ column,’; of white mist that drifted into view from the left of me and settled in the middle of the table.

Our friend reported greater disturbances after that session.

We held one final seance – and that was more than enough to decide our friend to move.

The glass moved erratically around the circle of letters on the table for some minutes, then came that awful sigh – this time audible to all of us -and then the glass flew out from benaeath our fingers to shatter against the wall!

Unfortunately, I no longer have the tape or the photo’s. my husband took them when he left me.

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