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I’m going to be a Christmas tree!

Posted on: December 1, 2010

A usual day for me consists of waking up, feeling sleepy, getting dressed, travelling to work, doing some stuff for work in a nice, warm office, having the odd mocha or two and then travelling home, chilling out, maybe writing some stuff for the podcast or editing it down, and then going back to sleep.

Sometimes I get stressed out and angry and think it’s all too hard and difficult, but I had things put into perspective recently when browsing some photos posted on facebook by a relative who was, up until recently, serving in Afghanistan.

I soon came to realise I had it good. Sure, I’m not rich and sometimes wonder how the hell I’m going to afford to get to work, or what I’m going to eat – but I don’t have to worry about if I’m going to get killed by an IED today or if my friends are going to survive until tomorrow with me.

I honestly don’t know if I could cope if I was in that situation, and the fact that so many do just that so selflessly means that they have my respect.

I’m not going to get into the politics of war here and I’m not going to discuss whether or not I feel war is good or bad, wrong or right, legal or illegal because that doesn’t have anything to do with the reason I have decided to dress up as a Christmas tree on Friday December 10th.


A Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree with purple and gold tinsel no less.

A Christmas tree that will be complimented by huge flashing lights sticking off the top of my head (kindly donated by Wendy C, so thanks Wendy… real kind…)

I am dressing as a Christmas tree to raise funds for ‘Help For Heroes’ who support those wounded in the service of our country. It’s a brilliant charity, so deserving of every single penny that it recieves.

I’ve done some pretty mad stuff in my time for different charities. I’ve worn PJ’s to work, I’ve completed trolley dashes to try and get as many products from a list in the shortest amount of time, I’ve stayed silent for 24 hours, I’ve eaten insects in front of a large crowd of people (I choked on a ‘giant water bug’ when it’s HEAD got stuck in my throat. The horror is undescribable).

However, I think the Christmas Tree Challenge is going to be the most difficult simply because I am going to get stared at and pointed at and laughed at by people I don’t even know. Did I mention that earlier this year I suffered with anxiety on such a bad level that I couldn’t sit in a train carriage if there were other people in it? ‘cos I did.

So dressing up as a Christmas tree and parading around in it with a donation bucket and drawing attention to myself is something that would have made me physically ill just a few months ago – but I’m going to do it regardless because I want to raise money for ‘Help For Heroes’ and I want to help those who put themselves in harms way to fight for our country because I don’t have a lot to give – but my dignity is something that I can donate, and so I shall.

You can help me make it worthwhile if you like by donating here. I’d be very grateful.

…and yes, there will be photos.


3 Responses to "I’m going to be a Christmas tree!"

just so you know, I think you look lovely on that pic.

On an unrelated note, bugs? A vegetarian? 😉

I only started eating a vegetarian diet earlier this year and the bug eating trial took place a couple of years ago.

Did it taste funny?

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