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Why aren’t ghosts naked?

Posted on: October 2, 2010

Due to the recent launch of the website for BARsoc I have been doing a lot of looking around on paranormal websites for recent paranormal news and claims that I could potentially write an article about for the new site.

Of course, as you do when visiting websites dedicated to the paranormal, I came across a lot of claims that made me shake my head with dizzy confusion as the leaps of logic and odd conclusions made by ghost hunters built up. Being the mischievous demonic entity that I am, I put a quick status update on my facebook page saying:

Why are ghosts not naked? How to their clothes become ghosts? Why are there never ghosts under water? Where are the dinosaur ghosts? Why do ghosts from hundreds of years ago know how to speak and spell in our modern language? What is a ghost?

See, one thing I have learnt from being a host for Righteous Indignation is that a lot of the time, people who made claims that consist of little evidence or leaps of logic don’t always see the flaws in their logic until you question them. Those questions I posted were such things that some people had probably never considered when coming to a conclusion about ghosts.

A lot of people jump to the conclusion that ghosts are the spirits of dead people, but are they? How do we know? We don’t. It’s just a hunch some people have. Why aren’t ghosts naked? How do clothes become ghosts?

I wasn’t actually after answers because as far as I am concerned it is impossible to try to answer such questions because to do so would also involve leaps of logic that have no evidence to support them.

I guess, all in all, I was trying to point out with my status update that we, as researchers, shouldn’t be making assumptions about the things that are reported as ghosts because we don’t know nearly as much as we think we do.

Sure, we know a lot about psychology of hauntings and eye-witnesses, we know about the logical causes behind certain phenomenon, but if I were to ask someone who believed ghosts were dead people why the ghosts clothes continue to be on their bodies when they clothes weren’t living things they probably wouldn’t know. Or, they would launch into a further explanation about another theory that has holes in it too.

You can read blog posts based on the same themes to my status update here and here. I don’t necessarily agree with the ideas in the second.

Why aren’t ghosts naked? Probably because we don’t expect them to be and a lot of sightings and experiences with ghosts are caused by our expectations.

Also, I am sure there are cases where ghosts have been seen naked, or under water or do speak in old-fashioned language, but I have sat in numerous seances or ouija board sessions where ghosts that were hundreds of years old knew words that didn’t exist when they were alive, like O.K.

As for Loch Ness and the lake Champlain monster being dinosaur ghosts, that’s a theory I’ve never heard before…


4 Responses to "Why aren’t ghosts naked?"

It should be noted that Loch Ness didn’t exist tens of millions of years ago when there were dinosaurs.

I’m always intrigued that the majority of ghosts resemble humans, and occasionally dogs or cats. Other animal ghosts are far less common. It does seem a little fishy that we mostly see our own species, and animals that are our most common pets and often “family” members.

If ghosts are dead animals, I’m surprised we don’t see ghost beetles and other insects. I’m also fascinated by the question of when, and how, this ability evolved. It would clearly be a very complex process, but how would natural selection create the ability to continue living after death? How does this improve reproductive fitness?

Loch Ness is 12,000 years old, give or take a bit as I recall? I always wondered why pleisiosaurs were supposed to have arrived there given it’s youth. Actually ost lakes we know today are comparatively geologically recent — even Lake Baikal is only 25 million years old as I learned the other nioght watching the TV. My suggestion was rather tongue in cheek, but has a serious point — I think “ghosts”, “crypto-beasties”, “UFO’s” and other anomalous experiences may share a common origin: I talk about it on my Righteous Indignation podcast episide as I recall.

Peter, which ability did you have in mind, the one to see ghosts, or the capacity to be a ghost? 🙂

(I’m Jerome btw, from RD.net/RatSkep)
cj x

Wouldn’t the obvious answer be “It’s a side effect of consciousness”? That pretty much explains, well, pretty much everything you said, and does fit into how people have thought of ghosts for thousands of years …

And it isn’t any sort of major leap of logic either, which should be a plus.

The old fashioned language bit reminded me of a curious and amusing episode back in the early 2000’s – well during Most Haunted Live in Essex actually. I was a researcher on that one, and was safely back home laughing at Yvette falling in the mud when Derek was “possessed”. I transcribed what he said, and then tried an experiment I have not seen tried elsewhere. I simply looked uo the etymology of each word in the few sentences he said, when it enetered popular langauge, and so forth.

And curiously while no seventeenth century spook would use the sentences he did I think, not a SINGLE word dated from after 1640 – and a few were very appropriate for the period.

I’m not an advocte of Mr Acorah’s medumship, but on that occasion he did use perectly acceptbale language for the era in question. I still recall my surprise.

Sadly I never did get David Sivier who has knowledge of Sabean (the language spoken in Ethiopia at the period Sam his spirit guide was meant to have lived) and Derek Acorah together for a test of his claims!

cj x

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