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Dear internet, I’m taking a break…

Posted on: August 17, 2010

Dear internet,

I wish to let you know that I am taking a break with immediate effect.

The last two weeks have been really good because I’ve started an awesome job and I love being at work and being productive with the things I do. Having been on Job Seekers allowance for 13 weeks it’s a nice change.

However, all that positivity stopped as soon as I came online because I have recieved abuse from lots of different people that has, quite simply, accumalated to the point that I can’t be bothered to deal with it anymore right now.

See, if it hasn’t been personal abuse from people who believe in something paranormal and lacking in evidence who didn’t like it when I said it’s probably not likely to exist, it’s been criticism for editing the podcast in a certain way or something I’ve said in a throw away comment that I didn’t intend to be taken a certain way, but was.

All in all, in the last two weeks I have been attacked for:

– being female,

– for being young,

– for living at home with my mum,

– for being skeptical

– for speaking out about things I don’t agree with

– for being right.

Quite frankly, it disgusted me when a lot of the abuse came through the facebook account of a person who is highly respected as a “paranormal researcher” when, in my opinion, they talk out of their arse 99% of the time.

It’s a disgrace to be told that I know nothing because I am young when the person telling me this is the one who doesn’t know what a logical fallacy is, or how they are contradicting themselves and making themselves sound stupid by telling me that certain things exist when it’s clear that the evidence doesn’t weigh up that way.

There is more to life than ‘turning the other cheek’ to rude or abusive comments, to having to just accept that I’m an “easy target” because I’m:

a) female

b) on a podcast that people listen to

c) online and accessible via social networking and email

You know, today I was accused of ‘loving the drama’ that comes my way. I’ve never been accused of being a drama queen before. It’s not who I am.

I will not apologise for being female, I will not apologise for being younger than some people, I will not apologise for being skeptical, I will not apologise for being right when you are wrong and you can’t admit it, and I will not apologise for being outspoken and vocal.

Thus, I am taking a break from the internet because it’s not fun anymore.

I wont apologise for that either.

Speak to you soon,

Hayley Stevens,

– The rather friendly skeptic, xxx


15 Responses to "Dear internet, I’m taking a break…"

I will miss you , but boy do I understand.

Haters will hate on, you keep your “great” on!

And yes, I just made that up.

To give you a different perspective for when you come back in a few days/weeks, there you go:

If you generate that much of an emotional response from people, that also means you have rattled quite some chains, which to me and probably to any other skeptic is a very, very good thing. the impact you have on people is tremendous, I already have recommended RI to friends, so the influence is going to grow.

I hope you can power through the silly people who are trying to take you down through abuse of the facilities. Don’t let them succeed.
Take breaks as often as you need to go on with your fantastic work. And you’re absolutely right for not apologising for who you are.

Go relax!

PS: That’s a funny rhyme, Heidi 😀

Hope you return soon.
My Twitter feed will feel a lot more empty without you.


I’ll miss you, but I hope the break will do you good.

Not entirely related, I just saw the ex-corpse muncher banner. Made me smile. 🙂

Damn. Sorry to hear – take care of you and ‘nil carborundum illegitemi’ – Kylie S.

Well, Hayley, I’m much older than you and I think you’re awesome. Though the internet connects us over vast distances, it also removes the filter that we use in face-to-face connection. People say things on the internet they’d never say sitting next to someone. Often, those things are hurtful and people don’t realize how much it can affect someone.

Just today when I commented on a site that we should be polite to service workers this was a reply “Your hunger for human interaction does not obligate me to feed you.” Wow.

Try not to take things personally. I know it’s hard, but people attack others on the internet because of a problem within themselves. Unhappiness, low self-esteem and social isolation. What you do is important, take a break and then get back to fighting the good fight. For every asshole out there, there are 20 people on your side.

chin up Hayley and I’ll send some positive vibes your way. Don’t let the losers get your down and stand by your very sensible views. Have a good break. I completely agree with Amber above. people bully others on the internet because it doesn’t feel real and the normal social barriers to doing so are not in place but it hurts just as much.

You have done fantastic work thus far. Take a break until things calm down, and come back even better than ever. I leave you with words of wisdom from Mister T (not Doctor T): If they’re talking about you, You’ve already won.

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rhys Morgan, Hayley Stevens. Hayley Stevens said: Blog post: "Dear internet, I'm taking a break…" – http://t.co/XZxbDcl […]

Take care Hayley – hope you come back soon.

Very sorry to hear they’ve drained to this extent, you’re obviously hitting some raw nerves out there so you’re doing the right work.

Please tell me you’re not quitting RI Podcast too though? You’re one of the inspirations behind Ireland’s recent stumbling steps towards rational webwork, so we eagerly await your return…

I’m not quitting Righteous Indignation, in fact, we’re recording this evening.
I’m just taking a break from most sites I go on that make it easy for people to talk to me.

You’re keeping up with the podcast? That makes me very happy. I love listening to it, in part because of you.

If it’s doing your nut in, best to take a breather! Enjoy your down time and just remember that there are those of us (probably a silent majority) who appreciate reading your thoughts!

I’ve visited this blog before. Between then and now, I’ve interviewed Matthew Stevens, the skeptic-to-psychic guy. Researching the interview I listened to the RI podcast where he was interviewed, never realizing that this blog and that podcast were related.

Must be a synchronicity! Just kidding. Best wishes.


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Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

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