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I’m one of “those sorts of people”

Posted on: June 15, 2010

So, today I went into Trowbridge to buy some things I had wanted to get for a while with the money I got for my birthday (which was on Sunday. I’m 23 now which doesn’t feel any different than 22…)

Amoungst the things I got were copies of Orwell’s 1984 and Animal farm. I started reading the later of the two while sitting in a local hairdressers waiting room while my mother had her hair cut.

However, my reading was interrupted by the behaviour of the witches women who worked in the parlour. See, a man entered the recpetion area and had approached the welcome desk. It was clear from the way he spoke, and from his body language too that he had learning difficulties that unfortunately made it difficult for him to communicate with people well.

He wasn’t able to get his point across to them at all – probably something to do with the fact that the two women there just stood still behind the desk looking at him as though he were speaking in a foreign language. Which he wasn’t.

Basically, he was asking them for advice on how he should grow his hair so that he could re-style it. He’d gotten used to just shaving it at home with a pair of clippers and wanted a thicker hair style but didn’t want to have to grow it for three months before he could get it styled.

Still they just stared at him. So he repeated himself and one of the girls replied “uh… I don’t know what you mean.”

As someone who has in the past suffered from severe social anxiety to the point of not being able to face getting on a train because there were a few other people in the carriage, I could tell the man was becoming embarassed at the fact that he couldn’t get his point across.

In the end the older of the two stylists told him “you’d need to decide what sort of style you wanted before we could give you any idea of how long you needed to grow your hair” and the man soon after left.

This is when the silly giggling started and I sort of saw red. I managed to stay quiet and continue reading my book and I didn’t say anything out of line but it made me so angry that they would treat somebody that way.

A few minutes later the younger girl said to the older woman “that’s my fault, I gave him one of those discount vouchers we were handing out on the street to draw people in and he’s been coming here ever since.”

The snob of an older woman who I dread to think may have been a manager replied “You shouldn’t have, we don’t want people like that here.”

So it is safe to say that I will never be stepping foot in ‘Trevor & John’s’ hair salon in Trowbridge ever again for as long as I live because I too suffer from social anxiety and sometimes find it difficult to communicate with people. That makes me a ‘person like that’ and I stand in solidarity with every ‘person like that’, that the management of that salon don’t want crossing their threshold.


5 Responses to "I’m one of “those sorts of people”"

Poor dude. I too am a person who sometimes can’t get words out and at times believe i have social anxiety too. This would definitely annoy me muchly i think i would be bleeding from the lips from holding my words in. Nasty people indeed.
We at work always get that when folk talk about the foreign people or deaf folk we get in store and its not fair. Most do try to learn the language and speak and try to have a conversation but some of the people i work with just try to shrug them off.
So i decided to learn a few polish words for fun along with some sign language both makaton and BSL.

That’s really cool of you to do. I’m partially deaf and find it hard enough, let alone being fully deaf. I find it a scary thought to not be able to hear at all 😦

I was once in line at a store and the elderly lady in front of me was deaf and the cashier was shouting at her and the lady was really embarrassed and started panicking with her money. The cashier then said, so the whole line could hear “deaf people should have carers” and I flipped. Just totally flipped.

I said to her “Well, I’m deaf and I don’t have a carer. I think you should get some fucking manners, you fucking moron” and the whole line walked away! It was epic.

Just saw you had replied to my previous comment lol and yeah that is awesome i would have loved to be there for that.

Good for you for standing up to their ignorance, stupid people.

I also agree it is a very scary thought to not be able to hear at all. Not fun.

It’s difficult to understand how some people can have an awful attitude like that. Humanity sucks sometimes. Great piece.

I also have suffered from social anxiety in the past and can totally relate to this post.

It should be US, the awkward people who make fun of those who work at hair salons and look down on others.

Good for you for posting this.

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