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Confused by a psychic book

Posted on: May 29, 2010

Yesterday I was in the town of Trowbridge for an appointment and had an hour between the appointment ending and my mum finishing work.

I decided to hang around for an hour so I could meet her from work and travel home with her and so I decided to go into the towns Waterstones to have a look at the science section.

Somehow I ended up at the spirituality section and and found some of David Icke’s books. I read a few passages and giggling away to myself I recieved some off looks from other customers so I put the book back and carried on browsing.

I came across this thick black book that was only half as tall as the other books. Across the spine it had written “THE BOOK OF ANSWERS.”

Naturally I was curious. What answers could it hold? What questions did it answer? What would it’s pages reveal to me?

I snatched it off of the shelf, all wide eyed at the prospect of discovering the meaning to life or the ultimate question or something equally as great. Only… actually, it was nothing of the sort. It was actually just the book form of a Magic 8 ball and the pages each had a phrase on it such as “There will be many obstacles” or “It will be costly”.

It confused me so I had a look at the back and I found the instructions which suprised me because I’ve never had a book before that had instructions on the back. It would be a bit bland, wouldn’t it. 

“Start at the other end, open the cover, read.”

Anyway, these are the instructions from the back of the BOOK OF ANSWERS:

“It’s simple to use: just hold it closed in your hands and concentrate on your question for a few seconds. While visualizing or speaking your question, place one palm down on the book’s front and stroke the edge of the pages back to front. When you sense the time is right, open to the page your fingers landed on and there is your answer!”

 Naturally I had to give this a try. I thought about what question I could ask it, and then I realised that was a question itself.

So I asked “What question should I ask you?”

I placed my hand on the cover, asked the question, thumbed the pages… My answer was “It will be costly.”

The book was being difficult. ‘Perhaps’ I thought ‘it knows I’m skeptical, or perhaps it’s trying to be like other psychics by fleecing money out of me for information I already knew?’

It will be costly indeed…

I thought back to the job interview I’d had the previous day that I didn’t think had gone very well.

“Will I be successful with the job interview I had yesterday?” I asked it, it responded with “it will be great.”

Which I take to mean yes. So I’m holding the book to that. I’ll hear about the job by the end of next week regardless of whether I have it or not, so we shall see…

Finally, being mindful of the time I had wasted in the bookshop and the fact I had to go and meet my mum at some stage I asked it “What time is it” and it responded “13:30”

No, I’m joking. It didn’t, it actually said “Ask your mother” which was really stupid because she wasn’t there, and I had to go and meet her. I thought perhaps it was being sarcastic and that I was late so I legged it over to where my mum works and I still had half an hour to go.

Damned book!

It turns out you can ask the book your questions online… a bit like a magic 8 ball…

All messing aside though, I found it rather scary that people might consult a book like this for actual life advice regardless of whether they thought it was psychic or not. If you are that unsure of what decision you are going to make in your life, then it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons, talk to people you know and then make the decision rather than relying on a vague statement in the book that may or may not relate to the question you are looking to answer.

Or, if you really want to rely on vague statements that you can make fit around your question then just buy a cheap magic 8 ball from your local toy shop rather than this book that costs £15. Seriously.

In the end I popped into ASDA to look at their books, and I found Richard Wiseman’s ‘:59 seconds’ for £3.98 and it makes more sense that THE BOOK OF ANSWERS ever could.


2 Responses to "Confused by a psychic book"

What is sad about this is that not only are there people who surely use this book to get answers to their questions, assumedly important questions, but that they first have to PAY to get the book!

Whoever wrote and published it is brilliant, obviously. What an easy way to make money! It almost makes me wish that I didn’t have ethics or morals so I could do something like that. Fortunately (well not for my wallet) I try to have good ethics and morals so I would never do something like this, unless I could give it away for free, for purely entertainment purposes, with a subtitle written in larger letters than the title that read, “Do NOT take this book seriously!.

If I really can’t decide on something, I toss a coin. If I don’t like the result, it’ll show what I actually wanted, and if I do, sorted.

(This tends to be reserved for the purchase of DVDs, the viewing of films, or what book to read next mind.)

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