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A ghost spoke to me.

Posted on: May 21, 2010

Recently I helped to co-ordinate an event at the reputedly haunted Llandoger Trow public house in Bristol as part of ‘Weird events.’

We had guests with us at the location and one of them had a digital dictaphone recording the evening. He send me this file on which he claims there is a voice saying “Hello Hayley” after I say “Hello Max, is it you?”

Max is supposedly the name of the ghost and I was asking out on the off chance that something would happen after some of the group claimed to hear an odd noise.

Now, personally I don’t believe this to be paranormal in nature. When the guy in question handed me the disc he had put the audio onto he instantly said “something says hello Hayley in response to you” and that was instantly in my mind when I listened to the audio when got home later that day.

It does indeed sound as though something is responding to me. However, if I were to suggest to you that “it” was saying “maybe” rather than Hayley I expect that would fit too. What do you think?


12 Responses to "A ghost spoke to me."

I had read what it was supposed to say before hearing it, but it sounds like Trystan to me, saying “hello hayley” from across the room?

cj x

Really? Trystan wasn’t there.

Sounds like a real person, perhaps jokingly responding to your question to “Max”. But I was primed to hear “hello hayley” by reading your blog before I listened!

cj x

I’d have to say “Warbleble” is the closest I can hear… I certainly can’t hear two distinct words and it’s really sounds a lot like all the noise that was on the record already before…
But then, I’ve never been able to wrap my head around why we should only be able to hear ghosts on recordings…
Slowed down in particular introduces so much weird effects…

I couldn’t make out the first word – it was just a noise to me. But the second certainly sounded like Hayley. And like Chris I thought it sounded like Trystan’s voice. Wierd huh!

Perhaps you should go back and ask “Max” if he’d be a little more chatty next time 🙂

I’ve gone to some of these sites where you can listen to EVPs and the first thing I do is to NOT look at a description of what the EPV is purported to have recorded before I listen to it. Nine times out of ten, I can’ make out anything intelligible. Only after reading what it is supposed to sound like can I hear it. The fact is that if you listen to any recording of indistinct sounds long enough expecting to hear something, you will hear something. It is a combination of pareidolia and confirmation bias.

Hi. Aside from the cranks, crackpots and fools in the arena of the paranormal, there is a kernal of fact that exists. I used to doubt all that nonsense, but an experiment I participated in for a large electronics company back in 1982 proved to our team that evp is not bullshit, and forces unseen exist that can actually speak via recording relay on to magnetic tape. Over an 11 hour period, these unseen voices proved themselves to exist beyond any doubt whatsoever. You have but scratched the surface of a very odd but real phenomena…

Really? Can I see your proof? Afterall, anecdotes are worth nothing, unfortunately.

all paranormal is anecdotal by nature. its down to you to prove to yourself. the proof is out there for sure.

The proof is out there for sure? Really? Where?

Also, people making the claims that the ‘paranormal exists’:

a) don’t know what the word ‘paranormal means’
b) have the burden of proof. They make the claim, they have to provide the evidence to back it up.

Telling me I have to find the proof myself is lazy. I’m not making the claim.

Hayley scientists commit themselves to experiments that lead them to a certain way of thinking…evidence and burden of proof must be sought. It wont fall into your lap, so your argument of instant proof is in vain, as even if you were to accept facts from a third party, it doesn’t mean your facts would be accepted by the next person and so on. Personal proof is exactly that.

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