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I drew Mohammed. Or did I?

Posted on: May 20, 2010

So it’s ‘everybody draw Mohammed day’ and people are drawing the Prophet Mohammed to protest for people who have been silenced for doing so in the past – including of course, the creators of South park who in the end had to put him inside a bear costume. Not to mention the countless other artists and cartoonists who have been attacked or threatened because they have drawn Mohammed.

It is oppressing everyones freedom of expression which is a bad thing that I in no way support. However, after initially accepting the invite to take part in the event on facebook I had second thoughts on the matter.

See, I have friends who are muslim and who don’t oppose my freedom of expression and therefor my free choice has been to not draw the prophet mohammed. Not because I condone the oppresion of peoples free choice or support religious intolerance of others. I don’t.

However, I don’t want to run the risk of offending and upsetting people I care for. I’m sure that they wouldn’t confront me about it and they’d keep it to themselves because that’s how nice they are which was the driving force behind my decision.

However, I had to get involved with the fun somehow and so below is my contribution. Enjoy.

However, I will just point out that if you want to see a picture of the Prothet then all you need to do is a quick google search in google images and there are loads of paintings and pictures of him.


1 Response to "I drew Mohammed. Or did I?"

I think you handled this beautifully! Even if we personally feel that what some fundamentalists is wrong, we still need to respect the average believer who probably doesn’t feel strongly about the issue anyway.

I wonder if undertaking something like the Draw Mohammed day comes off being arrogant rather than educational or serving any higher purpose that the people who came up with it and participate in it hoped it would. As skeptics we are already unfairly considered cynical as it is and efforts like this really don’t help our image.

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