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God is watching you

Posted on: May 15, 2010

One of my neighbours regularly tells her eight year old daughter to tell the truth because god is watching her. I observed it the other day when it was clear that a few of the children had made a mess in the communal carpark behind our houses and none of them would own up to who made the mess and who should therefor clear it up.

“Remember, God is watching you and will know if you are lying” my neighbour said and instantly her daughter admitted who it had been that made the mess for fear of angering God.

It made me really uncomfortable to watch and I just wanted to say to the little girl “did you know, I’m an atheist and I don’t believe that there is a god so don’t be scared” but I didn’t because my neighbour would have kicked my arse.

It got me thinking though of my past experience as a child who was scared of god. At primary school I was regularly told off for writing with my left hand (being left handed, it was normal…) because writing with your left hand is apparently blasphemous. The headteacher or my teacher would regularly stand behind my chair and force me to sit on my left hand and write with my right hand.

I was told by a religious relative that everytime you sinned a black mark would appear on your soul so that when you went to heaven they could see how much you had sinned.

It terrified me that if I was naughty or told a lie I would be permanently marked on my soul. It was at the back of my mind for ages and ages until I mentioned it to my dad (the atheist) who promptly told me not to believe such rubbish.

It made me wonder if my relative knew how much they had caused me to worry about my soul, or if my teachers knew how cruel they were being when they made me sit on my left hand.

Does my neighbour know how mean it is to tell their daughter that God is watching her when she lies? Would it not have been easier and better to explain to her that lying is bad and that admitting that she had made the mess would make her a more responsible person?

Maybe different people see using their god as a form of discipline as the easiet option; however personally, I think it’s cruel.


4 Responses to "God is watching you"

My parents used to scare me with the chimney sweep. “If you don’t finish your dinner, the chimney sweep will get you.” Even from my youngest age, I never believed it. Then, one day, after being threatened with the chimney sweep yet again, a chimney sweep actually showed up on a roof across from our windows. It was a complete coincidence, but it scared the crap out of me.

God has the advantage of not needing to show up to scare the bejesus out of people. Or kids. And thus the problem. Everybody knew(me and my parents) that the chimney sweep getting me was just a thing my parents made up. Nobody believed it. Nor was it particularly specified what the chimney sweep would do to me if he actually got me, and I certainly wasn’t afraid of him at any other time.

God, on the other hand, is forever there, forever watching, forever judging and forever damning. Fear of god creates stress and needless guilt while simultaneously failing to teach the one thing it is meant to: morality. Yes, you shouldn’t lie, mostly(try answering truthfully, “Honey, do these pants make my butt look big?”). But why? God doesn’t teach that. God can’t; only people can.

Tell me about it i have observed many things like that when working.
The amount of religious infant abusing crazies about is staggering especially when you go in Sainsburys where i work. I don’t know if Jews are worse than Christians though, we once had a christian charity in to help with packing bags to raise money but then a Jewish guy came in and made so much fuss over this saying that Sainsburys is a Jewish shop (?) and that they shouldn’t be in here, especially doing this. In the end he ended up just offending everyone and then i believe he got escorted off premises.
Loser. Anyway just thought i’d share my ridiculous story. And yes i agree don’t say anything that the parents might catch onto…. Yet.

As a former child afraid of god, I think it’s crap. But I’m now an atheist, so of course I think ALL religious hocus-pocus is crap.

If only I had a dime for each time I came here. Incredible read!

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