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Facebook. How I loathe thee.

Posted on: April 30, 2010

The one thing I really dislike about facebook is the fact that people join the groups and pages on there just because they can. I do this, I’m a member of some really weird groups on facebook; some of which I can’t remember the name of , or indeed why I joined them in the first place. However, I’ve noticed recently a rather disturbing trend amoungst people I choose to call friends and I can’t bite my tongue any more.

My cousin, Jamie, pointed out a while ago that the trend for groups with names like “nice turban, must have cost you a bomb” or “What are you wearing tonight?” “Oh, I don’t know, probably just a turban.” are becoming more and more popular and I’ve noticed this past week numerous people on my friends list joining them and it makes me angry.

I mean, what the fuck? What’s the point? Do you actually understand the people and the traditions you are insulting? Do you know how many people you are insulting? Peopl who are decent people and who you don’t even know?

I’m not religious; I despise religion, but I won’t openly mock people for belonging to a religion or following a tradition because of that religion unless they do something really bad like covering up peadophilia or trying to exorcise demons out of a person simply because they’re gay.

Another disturbing trend I’ve noted is friends of mine who join groups like “When I was your age if I’d spoken to my parents like that I’d be KNOCKED OUT!”

SO WHAT?! Parents are no longer allowed to legally abuse their childrens human rights. That’s a good thing! There are other ways to discipline people that don’t involve physical violence. Seriously. It’s disturbing to think that some people who I consider good, rational people would think along those lines.

Oh, and WHAT THE HELL is up with all the sexist groups on facebook? A friend of mine just five minutes ago joined a group called ‘All men are lying, cheating scum’ and then another group called ‘I love my fiance, he is my world.’ Like, woah.

Do people even stop and think about the statements they are making by joining these pointless groups? Really?

Rant over.


4 Responses to "Facebook. How I loathe thee."

I barely use facebook any more, it’s a lot less relevant to my life. I too have got annoyed with stupid and pointless groups (and games).

As we all know, Twitter is 100000000000000% times better*

*statistic published in an alternative therapy journal

All you are witnessing on Facebook is the age old tradition of human-lemming syndrome. It’s always been there only with Facebook it’s, well, in your face lol.

I would like to pick up on your rant about parents though… whether physical punishment is illegal or not, children today are far more feral with a greater lack of respect toward anyone or anything. I’d like to know what punishments you’d consider appropriate and acceptable although I don’t think it’s the punishments that should be questioned… it’s peoples parenting skills and the fact that ‘bad’ people are being allowed to reproduce. You’ve only to witness 99% of the guests on the Jeremy Kyle show to appreciate what I’m saying haha.

Keep blogging; it’s a great avenue for escape!

Seconded SO MUCH!
I use Facebook quite a lot, since I’ve got friends in other countries and generally it’s a useful tool (and sometimes useful distraction) for me, so I don’t hate facebook as such but mindlessly joining groups makes me quite angry sometimes. I have friends who have joined racist groups merely because they were invited! When called on it, they either weasle around saying “Oh, it’s not that bad, it’s just FB anyhoo…” or are just plain too lazy to do anything about it!
And then there’re all the obviously fake groups like “Join this and I’ll tell you how to change Facebook’s look”. How is it possible to fall for this shit? Or if you join because you figure it won’t harm, why don’t you leave the group again after writing on its wall or reporting it??

Actually, I join some groups like this because it is the only way to comment on some of the misinformation on there. Sadly it then shows up that you’ve joined the group or like it!

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