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Why you should vote for Lucky!

Posted on: March 9, 2010

My dog Lucky has just been selected as a finalist for the ‘2010 Cuttest Mutt Awards’ and I would love it if you could all help him to win by voting for him. Click here to vote and make a dog owner happy!

It’s important to remember that for every dog bought from a pet shop that was bred for that purpose, a shelter dog is denied a second chance at happiness. Lucky is a bright, affectionate, funny dog. Our house wouldn’t be the same without him, and we like to think that he wouldn’t be the same without us.

We adopted Lucky from Salisbury Dogs trust centre in 2006 after my younger brothers nagging of my dad to let us get a dog paid off (well done Charlie!) He was the only dog not barking at the shelter when my family visited, he walked into his pen at the dog shelter from the outdoor area (no doubt sitting in the sun on his back…) and looked at my parents and brother as if to say ‘Yes?’ and that, according to my mum, is when she knew he had to come and live in our house.

Lucky with snow in his beard (& me!)

He is a cute but odd looking dog with a pure white coat and huge dark eyes. It’s been said that he looks like a sheep, acts like a cat (by lounging on the backs of chairs if he’s given the chance), sounds like a pig (he snorts and grunts when someone knocks the door) and smells like a dog! (:p)

Lucky’s previous owner sadly passed away and her family were unable to provide Lucky with the care that he deserved and so they took him to the shelter which was definetely the right thing for them to do. He moved into our three-storey shed of a house and had made his self at home within the first month of being here. He is living proof that all shelter dogs deserve a second chance at happiness.

He plays catch with himself by throwing the ball and fetching it and then throwing it again (we think perhaps his previous owner was unable to play with him due to health reasons) and he does what we call a breakdance where he pivots in circles on his head. He also enjoys jumping up and down on the spot when you’re trying to put his collar and lead on to take him for a walk, he can jump about five foot off of the floor constantly over and over again for about five minutes at a time. As funny as it sounds it does mean we have to have garden fences that are at least six foot high (little devil!) He also has a funny five minutes every day where he runs in circles from the front door to the back door – running through the whole house really fast. We think he has a bit of terrier in him because when he runs, he runs! We have to get out of his way otherwise he’ll smack right into us. He knocked into me once when he was having a funny five minutes and sent me flying! It’s so funny to watch.

If you say ‘woof’ he’ll howl at you, if the phone rings he’ll howl at you so that you know it’s ringing (as though you can’t already hear it…), if you don’t take him for his walk on time he’ll bark at you until you follow him to the cupboard in which his lead is kept. His favourite toy in a small blue squeaky ball in the shape of a pig that we named Brian that cost 97p. Of all the toys we’ve ever bought for him (some that were expensive) it’s the only one he’s ever been interested in.

I suffer from Social anxiety and on my bad days Lucky is the only living creature that can make me feel sane and calm by simply curling up next to me with his chin on my knee as if to say ‘It’s okay, I’m here.’

Please help Lucky win by voting for him here. All of the dogs in the final are cute, but Lucky is my dog and it would be great if we can help him win this. I’m sure he wont know he’s won, but it’s my way of saying thanks to him for being so great, Lucky could never enter Crufts let alone win it and this is a a way to show people that you don’t have to have a pure bred dog to have a great dog.


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