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You bloody well are haunted!

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Today I started work in a store in Trowbridge that for a long time has been at the centre of one of the most reputable hauntings in Wiltshire. The Shires shopping centre is said to be one of the most actively haunted locations in West Wiltshire and the store in question was reputed to be the most haunted because of a poltergeist like entity named George.

The store sells camping gear and it is said that staff would often enter the store to find all the zips on the coats undone despite them having been zipped up before closing, the stock room would be messy with stock flung on the floor and on one occasion they entered the store to find a tent fully built in the middle of the store where no tent had been before which was pretty cool seeing as though only the store management have keys to the shop and nothing was caught on CCTV going into or out of the store.

This had completely slipped my mind when I applied for and got interiewed for the job until it came up in coversation today and I was curious to see if the place is as active as it is reputed to be.
The answer, in a nutshell is that no it isn’t. The staff have heard of the ghost and yet despite most of them working there for a year or more, none of them have experienced it. Amazing what word of mouth can do, isn’t it?

Many people involved in paranormal research in Wiltshire will happily tell you of the events that happened in that store and yet there is no actual material proof that they did. It seems that it’s just an elaborate story that got out of hand (as many do) or it could be that something odd did happen and the events got exagerated beyond recognition into the legend that they are today.

I often think that many famous hauntings that I know of locally are probably the same, which is a shame really, though it’s a great example of how people will readily accept something as true without questioning it if it fits into their belief system or their way of thinking. Something that I was guilty of until a few years ago. Sad really…


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Hayley is a ghost

Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

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