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A local life reply to my request

Posted on: January 16, 2010

Below is the response to the email I sent to ‘a local life’ asking if I may be allowed to write a piece that countered the promotion of homeopathy as being able to treat seasonal flu better than the flu vaccination.


I am sorry that you were not happy with the article in issue 2, however I would like to explain that as a free magazine that we build relationships with local businesses and advertorial is paid for as you can see the article is accompanied by an advert. In the article it does not state that this is a cure – I would be happy for a doctor to write an article, however people are intelligent and able to draw their own conclusions. I personally have no firm view from wither side other than whatever works for the individual is positive, it’s great that you take the time to comment but the article is not one that requires a counter comment , my aim for the magazine is to promote local business, community events and causes that affect the local area.

I feel that there are many other worthy causes that I would rather give space to, the main contents deadline is the 5th of the month so on this occasion we are unable to do anything for the February issue. In the future if you wish to contribute on other issues I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about future contributions.

Very best wishes


From Andrew Ward

She is welcome to contact me to discuss the evidence. I have re-read the piece and as far as I can see I have made no claims to cure anything. The idea , and the headline, was to inform people of the ability of homeopathy to enhance and protect our immune systems. This was reiterated in the text. No mention of curing anything.
As for allopathic medicine I make no apology for stating the obvious that they have no answer to the flu and never have. Otherwise it would no longer exist! In fact it is becoming more virulent by the decade vis. H1N1, Bird ‘flu etc.

I said use homeopathy to protect and combat seasonal ‘flu. NOT cure it and nowhere have I said that we should “ditch” conventional medicine. I just stated that it was not the most effective treatment.

Sometimes you just can’t make people understand. So I sent this reply to them. I didn’t beat around the bush.


Thank you for your reply.
I do not wish to be blunt but after several emails to and from Andrew I do believe that the point is being missed here.
Homeopathy is nothing but water and the idea that the water holds memory of ingredients it has come into contact with is an unsubstantial claim. I know the science behind homeopathy, I know the claims and I don’t agree with them.

The problem I have with the article in your magazine is that you freely published the idea that the influenza vaccine does not work. This is just a theory and there are numerous studies that suggest otherwise – studies whose data adds up and makes sense. The NHS would not provide the public with a vaccine that did not work, it really is as simple as that.

For you to publish in your magazine that the flu vaccine does not work is irresponsible of you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a free magazine who builds up a relationship with local businesses etc. – you still have a care of duty over what you publish because what you publish as fact is being presented to the general public – some of whom may not have the knowledge to counter your claims. It’s dangerous and I’m disappointed, as a resident of Bradford-On-Avon that such uncritical publishing is allowed to be send out to the residents of this town.

Therefor I have made a complaint to the Advertising standards agency as I feel you have breeched the care of duty you hold to the people who read your publication.

It has been suggested by Andrew that I am a child who does not know what she is on about who will learn the hard way. What an horrible ageist opinion to hold. I know the facts about homeopathy, I know the facts about vaccination success.

I do my research before I publish articles or make accusations. Such a shame that it isn’t common practice.

Yours Sincerely

Hayley Stevens.


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