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In a recent post titled ‘2011’ I wrote out a list of insults I had received last year. One of them was ‘poster child for skepticism’ and people have seemed confused as to why I would consider that an insult. I was actually wrong – I got called ‘the poster girl for skepticism’.

The reason it is an insult is because a) it was intended as an insult and b) it was insulting

To be called a girl equates me with being young and childish. I’m often told that I am young, childish, immature, ‘playing with bigger kids’, ‘running with older skeptics’, ‘throw tantrums’ and similar. Putting to one side my issues with my mental health that often cause me to seem like I’m having a tantrum, and how insensitive peoples comments can be – the world is, it seems, always very keen to remind me that I am indeed young, and that because of this people wont take me seriously.

Even when I am right. Which I often am.

I do make mistakes because I’m human, and that’s what we do – whether we’re Twenty-four, Fifty-four, or Eighty-four. However my mistakes are nearly always pinned down to my age, or because I’m a skeptic. I can handle anti-skeptic bias, but the age thing is annoying because there is nothing I can do about my age.

I was called ‘the poster girl for skepticism’ in the discussion thread to a post I wrote where other people agreed with the things I had written in the article, and one person hadn’t. He called me ‘the poster girl’ because he wanted to undermine the support I was getting for the things I had written.

There could be no other reason people were supporting me, other than because they were building me up as their poster girl for ‘the cause’. It couldn’t be because I was right, or they agreed with what I had written in that instance. No. It was because there had to be another motive – in the mans opinion it was because I was young and didn’t know things and was impressionable and because of this, bigger skeptics were using me as a poster girl for their cause.

That is why it is an insult. To be counted out because of your age – to have it presumed of you that your opinions and thoughts are only valid because others are greedy and want to use you to further their cause, is insulting.

I bet some of you are already spoiling for a fight in the comments of this post simply because of the title.

How ridiculous of you.

I was going to write down my thoughts about the recent ‘Reddit makes me hate atheists’ article written by Rebecca for Skepchick, but it seems so many people have summarised what I wanted to say in a much better way than I could.

I am truly saddened to see people I count as friends completely dismissing a genuine problem (sexism, and rape comments aimed at a 15 year old) because they don’t like Rebecca Watson. I think the below articles are important.

Greta Christina – Why ‘yes but…’ is the wrong response to Misogyny

Jason Thibeault – Why is Rebecca Watson so damn polarizing

Skepchick – Why chicks gotta be so dumb?

Sasha Pixlee – A conspiracy of crybabies or the comfortable shelter of apathy?

Also worth a read, is ‘Not a touch’ by Ophelia Benson



Drama Queen.

Attention Seeker.



Poster Child for Skepticism.





These are some of the things I have been called this year. I have also often been told I am wrong, silly or stupid for writing my thoughts on various topics, and for speaking out when I think something is wrong.

To the people who have belittled me, ridiculed me, tried to silence me, have harrassed me at home and at work, and who have tried to scare me…



HaHa! Try harder!


This year:

I launched Project Barnum, I continued with The Ghost Field Guide Podcast, I launched the Vigilantes Blog, I continued to contribute to the Righteous Indignation Podcast, I spoke at QEDcon in Manchester alongside Chris and Trystan, I spoke at Skeptics in the Pub events in Newcastle, Birmingham, Bath, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Bristol and Westminster (and Cork, via Skype!), I travelled to Zurich – flying on my own for the first time ever – to speak as part of a panel about blogging at Denkfest, I helped to launch Bath Skeptics in the Pub, I was interviewed by loads of interesting people and I interviewed interesting people, I wrote numerous articles as requested – including my first article for The Skeptic magazine (which even my dad read and said ‘was good’ which is pretty awesome).

I also found a full time job after many months of unemployment and part time work, and I love the work I now do. It’s been over six months already! I finally decided to enroll on Social Sciences and Psychology courses with the Open University and I have made (and finally met) so many lovely friends both online and in person too.

At times, this year has been daunting and depressing, there have been times where I wanted to quit everything and fade away and times when my emotions got the better of me and I acted irrationally. A lot of the things I have done haven’t necessarily been flawless, but the important thing is that I tried to be the change I wanted to see – and I think I have been successful in some cases.

Change doesn’t happen with the click of your fingers – it takes time and sacrifice and frustration. It takes determination and effort. It’s not all about gaining publicity and attention as some would have you believe. It’s about holding on to your aims and moving forwards in any way that you can.

2012 is another year and who knows what it will bring. Well, I know it brings me lots of studying with the Open University in my pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Psychology (eventually), and it brings ‘Beyond the Veil: A closer look at spirits, mediums and ghosts’ on January 14th, oh, and Project Barnum and Righteous Indignation stuffs too… but apart from that, who knows what is around the corner.

I like it that way.

There was an interesting article published by ‘The Weston Mercury’ today about some of the stranger things people have reported to the Avon & Somerset Constabulary over the past few years. Things like:

Aliens – including UFOs, lights in the sky and little green men – prompted the most calls, with 32 such reports.

One caller claimed to have been abducted by aliens, one reported ‘aliens across the road’, and another said they had seen an alien ‘trying to breathe everyone in’.

Lights in the sky were said to have slowly circled one caller’s town, while another person said they had seen 23 UFOs fly in formation down the Bristol Channel.

Big cats were another common cause, accounting for 31 calls. The creatures are described by various callers as pumas, panthers, leopards, and even a lion.

One caller told startled 999 operators they had seen ‘a large black cat the size of a donkey pass the house’, while others reported seeing a leopard sunbathing on top of a bridge and a panther killing deer.

And ghosts and mischievous spirits were spotted by plenty of 999 callers too.

One person said a ghost was ‘chasing’ them, another casually claimed to have seen a ghost ‘the other day’, and one said a poltergeist had ‘moved things around and deleted files from the laptop’.

I thought it was rather interesting to have such figures released. It was, however, something in the comments section that caught my attention. Someone by the name of T-bone commented:

I’m not sure this sort of thing should be made public…it might encourage some other childish person to copy them.

It isn’t childish of somebody to not be able to explain something they’ve witnessed. It also isn’t childish for them to phone the local police force if they are genuinely concerned or scared by what they have witnessed.

To be perfectly honest, if I saw what I thought was a puma or leopard I too would phone the police!

I have only been investigating paranormal claims and reports for a short time, but in that time I have met people who are truly puzzled, and sometimes petrified by what they’ve witnessed. Quite often, eye witnesses are embarrassed because they think they’re stupid or weird. Not everyone who witnesses a ‘ghost’ or a ‘UFO’ believes them to be possible. Quite often they’re stumped for an answer and they know that other people would say it was a ghost or a UFO.

If we dismiss them as childish or stupid or weird because they can’t work something out, it would be cruel. Sometimes all people need is someone to believe that they’ve had such a strange experience – leaving all possible causes to one side – telling someone you understand that they’ve genuinely been confused or spooked by something can help them a lot.

If you can then include them in the process of trying to determine what it was that caused what they witnessed, it can help them learn new facts and understand similar experiences in the future.

So many people think they are stupid for being scared of something spooky that happened. That isn’t the case at all.

Back in February I was on a panel with Professor Chris French and Trystan Swale at the QED conference in Manchester. The panel was called ‘Ghost Investigations Today’ and that was exactly what we were talking about.

The QED team have made the talk available via Youtube and it can be watched below. I cannot watch myself talk so I have no idea what it’s like. I was great fun though and I just want to say thanks again to Mike, Marsh, Janis, Andy, Rick and the rest of the team for the chance to take part. I can’t wait until QED in March.

Photo credit: Gammy

Hayley is a ghost

Hayley Stevens is an advocate for science-based research into seemingly paranormal experiences and occurrences. With a background in the pseudo-scientific research into ghosts, Hayley offers a unique insight into the strange world of ghost hunting through her experience.

She describes herself as 'a ghost hunter who doesn't hunt for ghosts' and this is her personal blog where she writes about ghosts, people, and other interesting things. Read more here.

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